Thursday, May 26, 2011

God bless technology...

And thank you for your requests for songs, they made swell #6.
By all means, send me more!

As for the post title, well, I don't know where Brian got six iPhones to spare, but I'm not questioning it. Plan was thus: spread around internet-connected sound sources (the iPhones) with different song-posts opened, put the volume on maximum (which, due to recording conditions) wasn't all that loud. Play at once, see how TPF reacts.

So, TPF appears, we run about, placing the iPhones, already playing different songs in a radius of about 10 meters. Once they're placed I signal the guys to leg it, while I sing myself ("Kling Gloekchen", in case you wondered)

So what does Slendy do? He shifts from one to the other, staying outside the circle. I thought he'd somehow be affected if I lured him to the middle. So, yes, I jumped into the middle and changed my song. He was there, right in front of me. And I froze again. And somehow, I think that saved me, because as soon as i stopped singing and he reached out for the phones. He grabbed them all and seemed to be examining them as I unfroze. So I ran like the wind and did not look back.

Actual "scientific" results? Singing interests him, but I think I multi-themed it too much to be of any memetic effect, but he does show disinterest in silent victims if their voice is heard elsewhere.

Also, I think he moved to the rythm of the song he was closest to, but I might have been imagining things.

Well, I'll keep trying.

#6 is not over yet.


  1. Slendy's never gonna give you up~

  2. Or let you down. From that tree.

    I'm sorry, that's depressing. I think it was a good idea.

  3. -thinks of current favorite song-
    Sing. Fucking. NYAN CAT!
    (this is SPARTA voice^)

  4. Perhaps the power of "Friday" is enough to defeat him? Just a thought...


  5. Find out if he's a Bieber fan.

  6. Heh, always something awesome lined up. I'm glad you fail to disappoint, Maduin.

  7. Huh... well thats interesting.
    Never thought music would effect it...

    Excuse me while I make Lady Gaga jokes in my head.
    Good luck!

  8. Maybe something a little mellow. Simon & Garfunkle?

  9. Not sure if what you're up to will do any good, but, you got guts, Jokerman. Wish you luck, at any rate.