Friday, January 21, 2011

It's been a while

Well, the last time I posted was last year.

Okay, things seem to be moving on all around, although not much seems to have changed thanks to Zero's plan it may help in the long run. I hope.

My 'Rock' has started rolling on its own accord and I daresay, needs no more prodding. I'm most interested how this will work out.

But back to local affairs - Adrian and I have visited Brian on the year's first weekend and I have to say, I probably never will see a room so multicultural - protective charms from almost every possible source, amongst them a very ornate Celtic Cross, a simple Ankh (although I can't fathom how a life symbol would be helpful), Fuda charms (Brian apparently found a the only Shinto priest in the city and had him put them up) and a piece of hay bound with red string. I approve, I use red string myself.
Too boot, he wears an old iron horseshoe under his clothes. I never imagined his neck would be able to support a horseshoe.
He theorizes, as some others have already, that TPF is something akin to a faery, and only ways to deal with faerys are either evasion, for wich it is too late anyway, and making a VERY good deal, which, I believe, is impossible to make with Slendy, since we have no leverage. So much for the folklore/mythology front.

In the meantime I decided to recreate prank #4 and start work on #6. Since the Christmas/Solstice season is over I'm gonna abandon the miniature Christmas tree in favour of a pineapple, also I'll require some thick wire (as in wire-fence thick wire, not ethernet thick wire) some colorful rags and maybe a few sparklers. Anybody who is going to ask what I intend to do with this, as Adrian has, doesn't understand that there's only so many things you can do with a pineapple and wire.
#6 is pretty straightforward, though, but I'll need some portable amplifying equipment and perhaps an adequate tracklist. Any suggestion on what to get for either of these? I've got no experience with sound equipment beyond headphones for my Iriver and speakers and headset for my PC. As for the music I will try some Christmas themed ones (I know it's post season, which made me alter #4, but still) which includes 'The Carol of the Old Ones', the Annie Lennox version of 'God rest ye Merry Gentlemen' and 'Tannenbaum'.
It's been a while since I sang that last one, so I might actually do.

Also, I've been considering starting up an audio log, just recording any thoughts or occurrences that I deem relevant. Would anyone be interested? Or perhaps suggest a place to put up the logs, since I doubt blogspot works well with audio files.

Stay safe,