Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weakness and Strenght

One thing comes to mind whenever I think about all the people that he claimed as his victims, one consistency.
Mental breakdown.

All the vcentral ictims were abducted/killed/devoured/whatever tall, pale and faceless has had a field day with their minds, pushing them into paranoia, mad ravings, self-loathing. You can see it almost everywhere, with the one exception: he could kill people that were not his central victims if it was the means to break someone else's mind.

I have noted, that me sighting him occurs only in moments of my emotional weakness - sadness, self-doubt, yearning. In contrast, whenever I am in peak emotional condition (like, for example, right now) he does not appear at all.

It is my belief that,1) he is a mental parasite, inhabitting not the world, but the minds of men and 2) that he can only exist withing negativity of some sort, therefore he will attempt, once has enough "room to maneuver" anyway, to increase fear and despair, so has, well, more space.
Note that I do not believe that he is in any way afraid of, or hurt by, joy, fighting spirit, happyness or love - they just limit his space.

There are also many people who know of him and are still not stalked, because they think him absurd, stupid looking, funny, etc.
Many things, just not a source of fear.

Zero suggested writing his defeat. Robert(Sage) mentioned Heroes, Warriors and Guardians.
I do think, what we need is a Champion.
Not a Hero to die, but a Champion to conquer.

Only where would we find one?

Thanks for watching my poor excuse for a journal, Cindy. I love ya ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That's not funny.

It just isn't. People died, went insane, disappeared who-knows-where. Friends and family turned on each other, and some of us have nightmares that would keep even the most emotionally numb awake at night.

Sorry for no lenghty, multi-post establishing of character or reader sympathy. I've never had the hand to write a blog, and I'm going to do some things that people are gonna hate me for.

Especially You, M. You're going to hate my guts for this, but it's as much my battle as yours now.

I'm not running yet, no way.

If my pursuer manages to devour me, then I hope I can at least help those of you, who will keep on running.

Stay safe, guys.