Saturday, February 5, 2011

Audio logs

I caved in.

From here on I'm using my tublr account for more than just following Dare2Die.
I'll set up the audio logs there. (Nothing on it yet, except the introduction - it won't let me upload more than one file at a time)

I hate tumblr.

In other news
I'm still looking for a presentable enough pineapple for #4, and I got the wire (couple of old hangers) and the colorful cloth, but I decide to forget the sparklers, wouldn't be too practical.
#6 is coming along just fine, since Brian has a friend, who has a friend (you know how these things work), that has a couple portable amps that don't suck that he's willing to lend. I'm going through the songs Broekchen suggested and I'm actually singing some of them.
It sounds horrible. Let's hope Slendy's afraid of cacophony.

On a personal note I have a bit of a fever and a cough (of Death, of course), and I hope I'll get better by monday morning, I do go to work, these pranks aren't going to fund themselves.

As for Robert's initiative of rallying forces - commendable, courageous and it might accomplish something, but be careful - the fact that Slender Man toys with Robert by bringing him back every time we lose him, doesn't mean he'll toy the same way with anybody else. Stay on your toes.

Stay safe, everyone,
Maduin the Jester.