Saturday, February 5, 2011

Audio logs

I caved in.

From here on I'm using my tublr account for more than just following Dare2Die.
I'll set up the audio logs there. (Nothing on it yet, except the introduction - it won't let me upload more than one file at a time)

I hate tumblr.

In other news
I'm still looking for a presentable enough pineapple for #4, and I got the wire (couple of old hangers) and the colorful cloth, but I decide to forget the sparklers, wouldn't be too practical.
#6 is coming along just fine, since Brian has a friend, who has a friend (you know how these things work), that has a couple portable amps that don't suck that he's willing to lend. I'm going through the songs Broekchen suggested and I'm actually singing some of them.
It sounds horrible. Let's hope Slendy's afraid of cacophony.

On a personal note I have a bit of a fever and a cough (of Death, of course), and I hope I'll get better by monday morning, I do go to work, these pranks aren't going to fund themselves.

As for Robert's initiative of rallying forces - commendable, courageous and it might accomplish something, but be careful - the fact that Slender Man toys with Robert by bringing him back every time we lose him, doesn't mean he'll toy the same way with anybody else. Stay on your toes.

Stay safe, everyone,
Maduin the Jester.


  1. Maduin, the link to your tumblr isn't working. It directs to, so you might want to fix that.


  2. And here I was ready to swear that the pineapple was going to be a Pineapple Bomb. The lack of sparklers fizzled that theory out.

    I hope you recover from your cold soon, and I look forward to the outcome of these pranks.

  3. I find your accent amusing. C:
    You sound nervous though.

    I still can't place what on earth you'd be doing with a pineapple.

    As for Robert's coalition thing, I'm joining to see what help I can offer. Currently I don't think that's much. I'm being careful though. And I have a big, fuzzy bodyguard.

  4. First time commenter. I like you, Bunny-man. Your pranks on Mr. Disturbing Heat Tilt are hilarious, and I cannot wait to see what the hell you're using that pineapple for.


  5. Hello, nice to meet you, Maduin.

    You seem to have a very...unique way of handling this situation. It helps lighten the reality a bit, so thank you.

    And as for what Robert is doing, I know that I especially am grateful and forever in his debt. I just don't want to see others get hurt. I know most everyone says it's inevitable, but still.

    Anyway, just popping in to introduce myself and provide some encouragement. Try to take care of yourself and don't do anything /too/ crazy.

  6. Anonymous wishes you well Maduin, our organization is looking forward to seeing how you fare against our common enemy. Remember that if you get in over your head you have friends watching out for you.

    Anonymous is Legion

  7. egan perK pink.

    Disc over

    tehrAn sew

  8. Oh, you sly German-talkin' bastard. I had better not be losin' mah woman to a bunny.


  9. Hey Maduin,

    Don't worry about Andys comment, he's probably just a bit upset about me obsessing over your British accent (*glance traces off for a second with a sigh*) and about your surprising and admirable lack of an accent while speaking German.

    I cried for a second there. I mean literally. You're welcome and thank you... I was just overwhelmed and this snippet of audio more or less made my week. Danke. Vielen, vielen Dank. *hugs*

    And Andy, it's a Rabbit! D: And a White one too!
    But I didn't draw pictures of White British Rabbits, you know? ;3

    Thank you Maduin.~<3

  10. Hey, Maduin, check this out: