Monday, June 27, 2011

More stuff

Okay, I got a text from a friend today. It said:
"Hey, I found where I put that DVD you texted me about two weeks ago. I take it you still want it back, the way how freaked out you were in your text. Oh, are you still into that Slendyman thing, because I've got the most awesome video to show you!"

Okay, roughly two weeks ago was the concert and the gore-party. I can't remember texting her, so I take it I did it while within lost time. And the only DVD she borrowed from me recently was... oooh!

This may prove amusing.

Although, I was under the impression she got over the Mythos. This may also prove complicated.

Oh, and Overmatter suggested recordings of dogs barking. I have several recordings at the ready and will post any results I get. Taking that I survive.

Let's get cracking.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have only one question about that night if that night Sopia writes of is that night I think of, that is the night of the concert.

And that is, where was I and what did I do?

If Sopia doesn't know this, that means Sopia knows as much as I do. Well, at least we're equally uninformed.

I may have a semblance of an answer though. I noticed that I when I woke up writing that entry, I was actually wearing a different pair of trousers than to the concert...well, actually, I noticed the trousers I had worn to the concert were lying between books on a bookshelf.
Don't judge me - with a mess such as I have in my home, it takes a while to notice details.

Anyway, I found a note inside their back pocket. It said "#6" on one side and had a...I think it's a crossword puzzle on the other. I'll upload a scan. Or photo, if I manage to get one of more than minimal quality (Samsung does not work well with Windows 7).

In the meantime, I think this transcription should suffice. Sorry that it's a bit skewed, I can't align them worth shit here.

      ___[ ]__ - First Sage
            [ ]____ - 11.13.10
______[ ]____ - He who preys at dawn.
        __[ ]___ - Strahm's minor harmful C.
      ___[ ] - The Goddamn Batman
            [ ]____ - Sharpay
        __[ ]__ - Your highjacker
      ___[ ]- the year of Megaman
            [ ]_____ - Dead and brainless
    ____[ ]__ - Not as brave as he was at the start
            [ ] - Broken 1

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Credens Iustitiam

There is a question I want answered as bad as you do.

About that night.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't stop me now

I'm on a roll.

Brian was actually home when I called, but that does not help my case. He said that I repeated my command to leg it and, well, legged it out of there. He stayed - he was in too much shock to move.
He stayed there, unmoving, until another person came in, at which time he turned around and ran.

He said I should count myself lucky that I haven't heard what he heard when he turned around, just before he left the shack. He counts himself lucky that he didn't see it.

I have no information what I did in the hours between that and my wakeup in front of my computer, but I'm still looking.

Friday, June 10, 2011

This shit ain't sanitary

Just got back home...and seriously, it ain't.

I was originally at a concert. It was fine, until I noticed TPF.
I didn't have my mask with me at the time.

He was, I don't know, mesmerising people, one at a time. They'd leave, he'd reappear after a few minutes and the process would repeat.

As much as I hate to walk out in the middle of Iron Maiden playing Fear of the Dark, this was important. I called up the boys to get my mask and get in touch as soon as they got it.

I followed a boy Slendy picked out out of the festival grounds and tried tailing him. I am about as stealthy as a new Porsche, but I considered that a person who acts like they don't see the world at all wouldn't notice a dude in a leather coat following him.

Then my phone's text alarm rang. He stopped, so I decided the best course of action would be ducking behind a building corner. The text was from Brian - he had the mask. I hurriedly answered with my location, direction of movement and urge to hurry.

I kept following the boy through the neighboughrhood, amongs block of flats, then semi-detached houses. we finally wound up someone's storage shack which the kid entered. I sent Brian precise directions. I had no intention of entering unmasked.

Another person, this time a teenage girl appeared just before Brian made it with my mask. I put it on and told him to leg it. He refused to leave me alone.

We entered the storage amd saw one the most horrifying things in existence. It was like a morbidly decorated party - intestines for serpentines, glasses full of blood with eyeballs pierced with toothpicks. The toothpicks themselves seemed to be made from bones.

On a table was a pile of flesh, a great big lump, that I thought was still throbbing, with two candles stuck on top of it and burning out slowly.

And then I woke up in the middle of writing this.
Great, I need to check if I did anything significant while I was "out".
And I need to contact Brian.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Brian the Frightening

Seriously, I wonder where he gets all those iPhones from. I doubt he has contacts...he's not the kind to use force, so if anything I'm supposing some kind of scam. When asked he just says "Oh, you know..." winks and grins. Remind me to never get on his bad side.

ANYWAY, back on track. #6 is up and running. Music. 
I wish there was any constant here...but it seems random, mild interest...complete disnterest...I think amusement...aggression...definite confusion with the twenny dollaz song.

And yes, I used those songs you guys suggested in the last post...the only thing that got a stronger reaction from him was the rickroll...I guess it's the memetic value.

I figure anything of effect would need proper context (like Christmas time for carols) and I have no idea what good it'd do.

There is one thing TPF reacts strongly to, though. Recordings of my voice. Interest in his victims I guess. Which gives me a terrible, yet wonderful idea!

Also, I'm sorry if I'll be slow on the update in the coming month, but I've got quite a workload and that's BESIDES trying to find a way to stop the Faceless bastard from ultimately disposing of us.

Hold tight.