Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't stop me now

I'm on a roll.

Brian was actually home when I called, but that does not help my case. He said that I repeated my command to leg it and, well, legged it out of there. He stayed - he was in too much shock to move.
He stayed there, unmoving, until another person came in, at which time he turned around and ran.

He said I should count myself lucky that I haven't heard what he heard when he turned around, just before he left the shack. He counts himself lucky that he didn't see it.

I have no information what I did in the hours between that and my wakeup in front of my computer, but I'm still looking.


  1. its not as bad a joke as you think. it makes me laugh at least


  2. Good luck with finding what you'd done/if you'd done anything important in that time you lost. And good luck with the entire situation too, I guess. We're all rootin' for ya', Jester.

  3. Maduin, thank you. I've spent a good portion of my night catching up on this blog and playing the voice posts for my roommate. As we're both new to dealing with our no-faced friend, we both desperately needed the laugh.

    And also, I hope you find what happened, and hopefully it wasn't anything horrid.

  4. Hm, no clues at all? Seems someone is trying to keep something from you. When I lose time, there's always something lying around, something that makes it obvious what I was doing, a note, something, ANYTHING....

    Not that I'm losing a lot of time. What would make you think that?

    Either way, look closer. Thinks like hairs or woodchips on your clothing can be a good clue, misplaced objects, anything. Maybe ask around? Can't hurt.

    Hope you find something. This kind of thing can be downright terrifying.

    --Richard Battle

  5. I think you ought to know that the title of this post immediately made me think of Queen. Pretty upbeat song, too...

    Nothing for me to say that hasn't already been said. I believe you're well enough equipped to deal with this. I believe in you.

    Good luck.