Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have only one question about that night if that night Sopia writes of is that night I think of, that is the night of the concert.

And that is, where was I and what did I do?

If Sopia doesn't know this, that means Sopia knows as much as I do. Well, at least we're equally uninformed.

I may have a semblance of an answer though. I noticed that I when I woke up writing that entry, I was actually wearing a different pair of trousers than to the concert...well, actually, I noticed the trousers I had worn to the concert were lying between books on a bookshelf.
Don't judge me - with a mess such as I have in my home, it takes a while to notice details.

Anyway, I found a note inside their back pocket. It said "#6" on one side and had a...I think it's a crossword puzzle on the other. I'll upload a scan. Or photo, if I manage to get one of more than minimal quality (Samsung does not work well with Windows 7).

In the meantime, I think this transcription should suffice. Sorry that it's a bit skewed, I can't align them worth shit here.

      ___[ ]__ - First Sage
            [ ]____ - 11.13.10
______[ ]____ - He who preys at dawn.
        __[ ]___ - Strahm's minor harmful C.
      ___[ ] - The Goddamn Batman
            [ ]____ - Sharpay
        __[ ]__ - Your highjacker
      ___[ ]- the year of Megaman
            [ ]_____ - Dead and brainless
    ____[ ]__ - Not as brave as he was at the start
            [ ] - Broken 1


  1. Interesting... Have you solved it yet?

  2. Assuming each underscore is a separate letter then? I mean, I can get most of the obvious ones... I think? Sorry if you've already got it. Just felt like giving it a crack myself.

    First Sage: rob[E]rt
    He Who Preys At Dawn: mornin[G]star
    Year of Megaman: 198[7]
    Your Highjacker: so[P]ia
    11.13.10: [M]asks (that one was a good one)
    Broken 1: [0] (that one is kind of a shot in the dark)
    Sharpay- [E]vans? High School Musical reference? Thanks for that Google

    The others... I dunno.

    Zeke's minor harmful C- 6 letter clue
    The Goddamn batman- 3 letter clue
    Dead and brainless- 6 letter clue
    Not as brave as he was at the start- 7 letter clue

    If this is right, then...


    Not seeming like anything so far. Maybe a piece of a url?

  3. I solved your crossword anyway, I think.

    ROB[E]RT - First Sage
    [M]ASKS - 11.13.10
    MORNIN[G]STAR - He who preys at dawn.
    AL[B]ERT - Strahm's minor harmful C.
    JEF[F] - The Goddamn Batman
    [F]IONA - Sharpay
    SO[P]IA - Your highjacker
    200[X]- the year of Meagaman
    [Z]OMBIE - Dead and brainless
    MARC[U]S - Not as brave as he was at the start
    [0] - Broken 1

    1. Just a note on Broken 1, you don't think it could be M? I mean, it's a single character, and M is more than a wee bit broken.

  4. Well, I got the same results as Marcus did, but I don't think "emgbffpxzu0" makes much sense.

  5. Sure it does.


  6. Hahaha. Looks like you got punked, Maduin. Maybe you pranked yourself?

    I still suggest dogs barking as a sound clip. Might not be memetic, but it'll have an interesting effect one way or the other.

  7. I think it's a rather good song, no?

  8. obviously you had crazy sex and you now have her pants.