Monday, June 27, 2011

More stuff

Okay, I got a text from a friend today. It said:
"Hey, I found where I put that DVD you texted me about two weeks ago. I take it you still want it back, the way how freaked out you were in your text. Oh, are you still into that Slendyman thing, because I've got the most awesome video to show you!"

Okay, roughly two weeks ago was the concert and the gore-party. I can't remember texting her, so I take it I did it while within lost time. And the only DVD she borrowed from me recently was... oooh!

This may prove amusing.

Although, I was under the impression she got over the Mythos. This may also prove complicated.

Oh, and Overmatter suggested recordings of dogs barking. I have several recordings at the ready and will post any results I get. Taking that I survive.

Let's get cracking.


  1. What DVD? Don't just leave us hanging like that!

  2. "she", as in one of those three people you tested infection on?

  3. Yes, little Ryuu. I do believe you got it. Isn't the spread FUN????

    Do come back alive, Maduin. You crazy git.

  4. Whatever you do, bring a joybuzzer and a whoopie cushion. It's about to go down.

    Good luck. :(

  5. But mine saw Stella once.
    The tomb of Swift wears it away.