Thursday, May 26, 2011

God bless technology...

And thank you for your requests for songs, they made swell #6.
By all means, send me more!

As for the post title, well, I don't know where Brian got six iPhones to spare, but I'm not questioning it. Plan was thus: spread around internet-connected sound sources (the iPhones) with different song-posts opened, put the volume on maximum (which, due to recording conditions) wasn't all that loud. Play at once, see how TPF reacts.

So, TPF appears, we run about, placing the iPhones, already playing different songs in a radius of about 10 meters. Once they're placed I signal the guys to leg it, while I sing myself ("Kling Gloekchen", in case you wondered)

So what does Slendy do? He shifts from one to the other, staying outside the circle. I thought he'd somehow be affected if I lured him to the middle. So, yes, I jumped into the middle and changed my song. He was there, right in front of me. And I froze again. And somehow, I think that saved me, because as soon as i stopped singing and he reached out for the phones. He grabbed them all and seemed to be examining them as I unfroze. So I ran like the wind and did not look back.

Actual "scientific" results? Singing interests him, but I think I multi-themed it too much to be of any memetic effect, but he does show disinterest in silent victims if their voice is heard elsewhere.

Also, I think he moved to the rythm of the song he was closest to, but I might have been imagining things.

Well, I'll keep trying.

#6 is not over yet.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An announcement

I never dropped my Sage title, you know.

As of now, I am Sage no more.

They are.

Oh, and some people wanted to get in touch, so here goes again: my e-mail address is

I'll be expecting to hear from you, little lady.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Minor antagonists

Like Sopia. How you ever wondered why do they appear at all? Taking it logically, they should not be in the game at all. TPF has demonstrated time and again that he is perfectly capable of breaking minds, lives and bodies of many men at a time without break any metaphorical sweat. He has no need or real purpose for all these followers, agents, revenants, redlights (ha ha ha, joke is still on Zero), rapists, mind control victims and other goons.

And yet here they are, stalking, tackling, killing, maiming, scheming, posting cryptic little messages, suggesting they know more than they do, or trying to make what they do know sound more profound. That, my dears, is because they may be two things:

Victims, like any and all of us. Coping in different ways, seeing the situation differently, somehow convinced they're not stalked and opressed, but conquered and subservient. With this in place he would need them as much as he needs us.

Otherwise, they could be not a necessity, but more a demonstration of power. A show of control over the minds, hearts and actions of humans very much like ourselves. It is meant as an amplifier of the fear he reaps from us.

Of course, we could be all in the wrong on this, we could be the real villains all along, while the drones are actually on the side of some strange yet true justice, that the Slender Man is there to serve. Who knows? I mean, nobody can credibly claim to understand him, it's always just mad ramblings when they do and all anyone can do is speculate.

The title still holds, as you see, even if its origin has gone down the mental drain.

Other news:
The finale of #8 didn't go down well, but at least we got away safe, although I lost the damn photo Brian made.
Remember dears, Slendy is, despite all noted similarities, NOT Judge Doom and paint thinner does fuck-all to him.

Back to the fucking drawing board.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've seen worse. And still, it's fun to see Adrian running and laughing at the same time.

We've done #8, which is more or less, a substitute for #4, or rather we have been doing it for the past couple of weeks. It basically consists of recurringly hitting TPF with balloons full of paint and taking note of any patterns that might appear on his non-face.

Until today Adrian refused to participate. He was only supposed to resupply me with balloons today, but, well, the Faceless Dude appeared and he just threw it. Then we legged it, but I swear, Adrian's ballooon gave Slendy a Breakerface.

Also, me rabling on is on tumblr for those, who are interested.

Also, I almost expected a Sopia post to be here when I sat down to post this.

Nothing new from Brian, but he says he's close to remembering. Way to tempt fate. Well, let's hope he actually remembers and it's something useful.

I will have another audio entry tomorrow. I think some things bear repeating and overthinking.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Brian is out

Of hospital, anyway. He's supposed to report to his counselor weekly and report any episodes he might have.
He told us one thing he's not telling his doctor though - every time he has one of his panic attacks he gets flashes, almost remembering, of what he wanted to tell us in the first place before the memory wipe.

We're also still completely baffled as to why Slendy didn't just rip him apart, since he was there anyway. Is there a point to it or is TPF just being random. Neither option has implications that I'd like, but I would perfer to know.

As to this Sopia person, Adrian thinks she(he?) is the one who nicked our stuff. Seems to fit in - she has access to and knowledge of our homes and hideaways, so accessing my blog seems plausible. Now I'll wait for this theory to be somehow shattered.

Now, excuse me, but I need to see whether the brick connecting has had any effect. Adrian's idea may be the funniest thing we've yet to perform. We've somehow survived up to this point, let's keep on doing that.

Let's rock and ride.