Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've seen worse. And still, it's fun to see Adrian running and laughing at the same time.

We've done #8, which is more or less, a substitute for #4, or rather we have been doing it for the past couple of weeks. It basically consists of recurringly hitting TPF with balloons full of paint and taking note of any patterns that might appear on his non-face.

Until today Adrian refused to participate. He was only supposed to resupply me with balloons today, but, well, the Faceless Dude appeared and he just threw it. Then we legged it, but I swear, Adrian's ballooon gave Slendy a Breakerface.

Also, me rabling on is on tumblr for those, who are interested.

Also, I almost expected a Sopia post to be here when I sat down to post this.

Nothing new from Brian, but he says he's close to remembering. Way to tempt fate. Well, let's hope he actually remembers and it's something useful.

I will have another audio entry tomorrow. I think some things bear repeating and overthinking.


  1. Amelia is alive check it out. Going to let zero know too maybe that will help calm his murderous psychotic episode.


    1. You're the worse game jacker. If people cared about the events of your blogs, They'd be on your's instead.

  2. Not the same Amelia. We determined that pretty early on.

    For the Record: Can you totally hit him with Home Alone style Paint Can traps, and then do the Maculay Culkin scream? That would just be HILARIOUS. =D

  3. Hehehe. It sounds like #10 is going to be a lot of fun. I'm guessing #9 is coming up next?

  4. You just made my life. Are you going to try to make him all rainbowy next?

    ~ Branwen

  5. I will love you forever if you somehow make him look like Splendorman

    Damn you remind me of Paul. Except you don't dress up as Slenderman and scare a friend as a prank >.>

    Hey, maybe try that for a prank? Dress up as Slenderman and see how he reacts?

    Also, according to another blog, he hates fish. Maybe a fish related prank?

  6. I have a hunch on who this Amelia Underwood may be, actually...

  7. You getting drunk with Sopia, Mads?

  8. Best of luck, Maduin-jan. Apologies for the absence.