Friday, May 6, 2011

Brian is out

Of hospital, anyway. He's supposed to report to his counselor weekly and report any episodes he might have.
He told us one thing he's not telling his doctor though - every time he has one of his panic attacks he gets flashes, almost remembering, of what he wanted to tell us in the first place before the memory wipe.

We're also still completely baffled as to why Slendy didn't just rip him apart, since he was there anyway. Is there a point to it or is TPF just being random. Neither option has implications that I'd like, but I would perfer to know.

As to this Sopia person, Adrian thinks she(he?) is the one who nicked our stuff. Seems to fit in - she has access to and knowledge of our homes and hideaways, so accessing my blog seems plausible. Now I'll wait for this theory to be somehow shattered.

Now, excuse me, but I need to see whether the brick connecting has had any effect. Adrian's idea may be the funniest thing we've yet to perform. We've somehow survived up to this point, let's keep on doing that.

Let's rock and ride.


  1. I'd rather not believe He That Is enjoys odd bursts of randomness. At least if there's a reason behind it, you have a slim chance of figuring out the next move.

    It does seem that just as things begin to fall into some iota of sense, something happens to shatter "facts" to pieces... hopefully you'll catch a break on this one.

    Rock it up, Jester~

  2. Make them laugh. Break it's blank-faced mind. :D