Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An announcement

I never dropped my Sage title, you know.

As of now, I am Sage no more.

They are.

Oh, and some people wanted to get in touch, so here goes again: my e-mail address is

I'll be expecting to hear from you, little lady.


  1. Pshahahahaha! People still think there needs to be SAGES?! In this day and age?

    So we have three nutjobs who believe in magic, huh?

    Lets see...

    1) A Lunatic who thinks he can summon demons and travel the Planes like some Dungeons and Dragons Wizard.

    2) A Woman whos a witch

    3) Some therapist?

    This ought to be good.

  2. Well, should be interesting, to say the least. They all know each other personally, which is good. And if narrative causality works, this might be the push we need to beat the monster.

    I'm a bit edgy about it, though, if only because sages always get royally screwed. But it's not like that doesn't come with the territory anyway. I'm just not sure that it's worth throwing a possibly lost cause on people who would've lasted longer otherwise.

    @Maurice: Do your homework. Monomyths are ageless, and that's what the original Core Theory was working towards. "This day and age" has nothing to do with it.

  3. Didn't Robert give up on the titles? I think that's what Maurice meant. Especially considering what happened at the Solstice...

  4. Maurice, it's obvious, ain't it? Amalgamation, Kay, and Hakurei Ryuu. I think. Right?

    Good choices, I think. Maybe not in the proper spirit, but the title of "Sage" fits them well.

    I'm glad, Mads. Reading all the depressing shit's been way boring. People to look up to are a good thing.

  5. Ahahahahaha!

    Finally a joke worth hearing, Jester.

    You can't have three new sages, while two still draw breath.

    That's my title, Maduin.

    My Title.

  6. I'm surprised you're so confident in this idea.

    It just might work, though.

    Good luck with the thought, though.

  7. @zero:
    Joke is on you this time - you renounced your sage title yourself during the initial redlight fiasco.
    Also, Shaun still "drew breath" while our Three was in full swing - your argument is invalid.
    Sorry, Broken one, you're now as much a Sage as I am a bunny-rabbit and you're not even wearing the mask properly.

    Robert did. I didn't. Your point?

  8. Look at's okay, it's okay. Even if you're not Sage anymore, you're still a sage.

  9. Aw, Schrody, honestly?

    Zero, stop clinging to it. Honestly, I think we should all stop clinging to these fucking titles. Maddie, seriously, we don't need this to continue. You were fine with that title, it bloody suited you. But putting that responsibility on other people? Seriously?

  10. No I think this is great. Keep the wheels turing, keep on dealing the cards!

    Keep playing till the whole boat comes crashing down!

  11. @zero: too bad. Means you've got nothing left. How about a fresh start then, since you're a blank slate now?

    @Maurice: I love you. You're trying so HARD to be an effectual villain and yet you have the most non-threatening webhandle ever. You're so cute with all that and with your complete misunderstanding of the situation. I haven't done this so the wheels keep turning - I did it so they'd have a chance at stopping.

    @Jean: Unfortunately, you're also missing the point. That's why the original Core Theory fell apart. Everybody thought Titles were sources of power. They weren't, hell no, they we're CERTIFICATES OF ABILITY. They did not empower anyone, they merely told people who could what. "Sage"? That means nothing more than "look closely, this one may be onto something".

  12. There's lots of archetypes not really used in the original core theory. Zero could fit the bill as anti-hero if he really, desperately wants a title. Or if you transplanted him into a Greek Tragedy, he'd slide right into place like a puzzle piece.

    What I find disturbing about this whole passing of the buck to three new Sages is that it kind of implies you intend to die, Maduin. (Insert some kind of derivative Bond joke here.) Giving away your "worldly possessions" in preparation for meeting with Zero? It may be gauche of me to bring this up, but it's something that needs to be addressed (as no one else has made the connection).

    Say you'll still be here as Jester at least? Laughter really is the best medicine and there's no one as funny as you (though Amalgamation Sage does make me giggle).

  13. Yeah, okay, I got that, that's cool.

    But that's not the thing. The thing is yes, it is a certificate of ability, but think of what it does to people. Amelia died because of it, and zero was drive crazy, because they thought that they had to be an example and fuel a revolution and fight the good fight. A title is a dangerous thing to wield, Maddie.

    Though I have been looking closely at the ones you picked, and I agree that they might be onto something. So I guess you've got a point there. But I don't think we should need titles. Not unless they choose them themselves...

  14. The Mad Ventriloquist is confused. Is Maduin just JS now? Or SJ? The Mad Ventriloquist forgets the order. And if they are just certificates of ability, why use the title Sage at all?

    The Mad Ventriloquist still wishes the new sages well.

  15. I think that "Scary" webhandles are for losers in masks.

  16. Maduin. I like you. I really do. But if something happens to Hakurei Ryuu because you decided to go for Round Three with a Theory that has already exploded twice... then you're on MY list. You better know what you're doing.