Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Minor antagonists

Like Sopia. How you ever wondered why do they appear at all? Taking it logically, they should not be in the game at all. TPF has demonstrated time and again that he is perfectly capable of breaking minds, lives and bodies of many men at a time without break any metaphorical sweat. He has no need or real purpose for all these followers, agents, revenants, redlights (ha ha ha, joke is still on Zero), rapists, mind control victims and other goons.

And yet here they are, stalking, tackling, killing, maiming, scheming, posting cryptic little messages, suggesting they know more than they do, or trying to make what they do know sound more profound. That, my dears, is because they may be two things:

Victims, like any and all of us. Coping in different ways, seeing the situation differently, somehow convinced they're not stalked and opressed, but conquered and subservient. With this in place he would need them as much as he needs us.

Otherwise, they could be not a necessity, but more a demonstration of power. A show of control over the minds, hearts and actions of humans very much like ourselves. It is meant as an amplifier of the fear he reaps from us.

Of course, we could be all in the wrong on this, we could be the real villains all along, while the drones are actually on the side of some strange yet true justice, that the Slender Man is there to serve. Who knows? I mean, nobody can credibly claim to understand him, it's always just mad ramblings when they do and all anyone can do is speculate.

The title still holds, as you see, even if its origin has gone down the mental drain.

Other news:
The finale of #8 didn't go down well, but at least we got away safe, although I lost the damn photo Brian made.
Remember dears, Slendy is, despite all noted similarities, NOT Judge Doom and paint thinner does fuck-all to him.

Back to the fucking drawing board.


  1. Dear Jester, thou dost well live up to thy title. I beg, keep up thine antics. Much am I amused by these pranks.

    As always,

  2. We each have our own God, and the Hallowed are not exempt.

  3. Couldn't they also be a method of exerting control while somewhere else? I don't think there's been any particular evidence proving Slendy can be in two places at once, so perhaps they're just called in to keep the fear alive while he's out antagonizing someone else? This is assuming his whole mind screw thing takes time to effect someone to the core, which it seems it does. Maybe the Proxies/other names for the same thing are just there to keep him in our minds so we don't have any chance to recover? I don't know, just something I was thinking about.

  4. The entity requires not the service of mortal followers, merely does it make use of them. In order to further its goals the entity will allow these to do its work when convenient.

    Given free will, humans are capable of going down many paths. Those who chose to serve the entity are different from those who fight or those who run only in regards to having taken a different path upon reaching the crossroads.

    This is what is suggested by current research; further study is in progress.

    Signing out.

  5. Wouldn't it be great if he was like Judge Doom? That'd just be so much easier.

    Keep at it Jester, by all that's holy it's good reading about your work. :D

  6. So...is that a yes or no to getting drunk with Sopia? Because if you're the Jester when you're sober, I can't imagine how funny you'd be drunk.

  7. @Overmatter: TPF has demonstrated, time and again, that relative spacetime is a joke to him and he can be whenever and wherever he wants to be.

    @Iscariot: I believe you are referring to the moniker instead of the title.

    @Killjay: Wait, what? No, I do not. I don't think I understand where you're coming from with that question.

  8. My dear Jester, I refer only to thee. Take not too much from what is said.

    We await thy next move.


  9. After you commented on my post, Violet directed me here to read this during my hospital stay. She said she read it sometimes for inspiration to keep fighting.

    Maduin, if I may ask, is there any way to get in contact with you outside of this blog? An email address, or instant messenger?