Monday, June 6, 2011

Brian the Frightening

Seriously, I wonder where he gets all those iPhones from. I doubt he has contacts...he's not the kind to use force, so if anything I'm supposing some kind of scam. When asked he just says "Oh, you know..." winks and grins. Remind me to never get on his bad side.

ANYWAY, back on track. #6 is up and running. Music. 
I wish there was any constant here...but it seems random, mild interest...complete disnterest...I think amusement...aggression...definite confusion with the twenny dollaz song.

And yes, I used those songs you guys suggested in the last post...the only thing that got a stronger reaction from him was the rickroll...I guess it's the memetic value.

I figure anything of effect would need proper context (like Christmas time for carols) and I have no idea what good it'd do.

There is one thing TPF reacts strongly to, though. Recordings of my voice. Interest in his victims I guess. Which gives me a terrible, yet wonderful idea!

Also, I'm sorry if I'll be slow on the update in the coming month, but I've got quite a workload and that's BESIDES trying to find a way to stop the Faceless bastard from ultimately disposing of us.

Hold tight.


  1. Warehouse full of whoopie cushions. Even better than landmines, due to the hilarious qualities presented whenever he steps on one.

    Good luck.

  2. So even TPF doesn't like Justin Bieber..

  3. The Mad Ventriloquist wonders if there is such thing as Grand Theft Iphone. There probably should be. If not a crime, at least a video game.

    The Mad Ventriloquist had sort of hoped that there would be more knowledge about this, but what Maduin has learned so far is very cool. The Mad Ventriloquist wishes him more luck.

  4. Jeez, I know y'all think of Slenders as a monster, but really, how could even He be more evil than the Biebs?

    That's some horrifying shit, that is.

    Stay frosty, we're watching always.


  5. I address this to Mr. Strahm, Mr. M, Mr. Maudin, Mr. Zero, and anyone else who will hear me. I cannot message you. I do not know why, but I cannot. This will not let me. I ask my reader to forward this to you, for I can't, and I put my trust in you. Do note that I am putting myself at great risk bringing you this information.

    WEAKNESS (that doesn't matter much...perhaps):

    Around large bodies of moving waters, his powers become suppressed. He cannot even so much as extend a single tentacle. BUT YOU MUST BE ON THE WATER ON A SMALL SHIP. The smaller the better.

    THE WAY TO WEAKEN HIM (have to do to destroy him, without this, there is no hope):

    We all know that he has the power to hypnotise human victims, but how? He puts out this supersonic "frequency." The key to weakening him is to somehow record this frequency reverse it, and play it back at him. He will fall limp and be revealed (not naked, I mean his face and all tentacles). He will be unable to stand and completely at your mercy. For how long, I don't know. This is why the next step must be taken care of before hand.

    THE WAY TO KILL HIM (MAKE SURE to weaken him FIRST. He will kill you, otherwise):

    You need IRON. Wrought iron is still fairly easy to come by. You must make it into a melee weapon. Then someone strong (I recommend Mr. Strahm. He is both strong and brave) must attack him in a very specific way. First, you must sever each tentacle as close to the base as you can. Kick him onto his back, and slice open the right side of his chest. Inside, you will find his large, six-chambered heart. REMOVE IT. Then, slice off his arms and legs, then his head. I know it sounds gruesome, and it sickens me to think of this happening to him...but I know he has to be stopped.


    When he is neutralized, His puppet-proxies' strings will be cut. Those residing here with he and I will be confused. I will rally them to our side and have them fight with the Agents (since they came to him of their own accord). The rest of you should storm HQ then.

    I only ask that when you DO storm the HQ, that you don't kill the freed proxies and myself. We will all be on your side, and they can't help that they were hollowed, just as I can't help that I was taken.

    just a messenger, hope this helps u guys in some way, from the Abducted lady in flowers

  6. So you mean to say TPF is a Lernean Vampire Fairy?

  7. i'm not saying that, just delivering someone else's message

    i'm not really involved in this whole slenderman thing

  8. Oh hey asshat. People have tried Iron before.

    Now get the fuck out of here and go read some more blogs.

    Dumbass kids...

  9. Though.. having read the blog he linked.. it does read like some kind of slashfic.. lovely..

    Also, sorry for the double post Maduin.

  10. :( I'm a girl
    and too many slendy blogs begin to mash together so its not a good thing.
    and "asshat"?
    is that an ass as a hat, or hat for the ass?
    its confusing

  11. That blog is an insult to the suffering of others.

    As for you, Maduin, I bid you luck in your little pranks.

  12. Maduin, I was wondering if requesting sound clips was still a thing you were going for, because if so there's always something I wanted to test, but never had the resources.

    I'd love to hear how he reacts to a recording of a dog barking. I think it'd be hilarious. Hope you feel the same way.