Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Okay, not fun...

After work yesterday I found someone had been at my home - #4 is gone, notes on a potential #7 are gone.

For those interested #7 was to consist of confronting TPF with several varying fascimiles of itself, but I got a lot of ideas and perferred to commit them to paper. Now that has been either stolen or destroyed.

Point is, this was something of an "inside job" - there was no forced entry, no mess other than what I make of my home myself, and only these two things were gone - the box with #4, which was under my desk and the notes on #7, which were stashed between the pages of an encyclopedia. Or rather, of a volume of the encyclopedia. A volume occupying a shelf among shelves of books.

Strangely enough, The Mask is intact and I found it right where I left it.

The guys have mentioned ever more intense stalking and Brian said he had something to tell me about his encounter, while I can barely ever notice Slendy, always standing there in the distance.

This worries me.

I think we need to regroup.

I'll get back to you guys after I get in touch with Adrian and Brian.

Stay Safe


  1. Oh, wow, Maduin. You're worried? The Jester is worried? I thought the point of the jester was to be cheerful and to eliminate the unhappy emotions. Like worry. THAT worries ME. Ah. Well, you stay safe too, Mad. Hey, "Mad the Jester..." Anyway. Don't do anything too rash, yeah? ~Frap

  2. Well dang.

    I'm just glad you're okay. You had me worried for a bit.

    ~ Branwen

  3. Well...that's not good. The only place I can think of to start is the people who knew about #7, but that line of thought doesn't bode well for you, or either of the others. Stay safe, Maduin.

  4. Oh geeze.
    Make sure to keep other things of importance on your person.

  5. Good luck, Jester. Hopefully you'll figure out who did this soon. Someone needs to keep showing the monster it's not invinicible, and you're going a great job so far.

  6. D:
    I don't even know what to say except from "Good Luck"!