Sunday, March 27, 2011

We've been busy

So, sorry for not updating more recently. Remeber the bad hunch I had last time? It was simple - the hardware for #6 would be gone or broken before we would be able to get it.
It was. Someone plugged the amps in in reverse polarity and, well, they fried. Fancy that.

Adrian was released from hospital last week, but seems to have some kind of blood deficiency problem, explicitly stated to be something different from anemia. It seems to be an extremely rare condition and even rarer to appear after the age of twelve, so yeah, thank you  TPF, for fucking up Adrian's blood.
Brian, on the other hand, is still under psychiatric supervision, sufferring from some nocturnal anxiety syndrome. I'd say no shit, but this thing seems to baffle his doctors to no end. He asked us to get his charms and red string from his apartment. We knew it wouldn't do much good, but hey, it's reassuring a friend.
You might have already guessed what we encountered there.
They were gone. All the charms were gone and so was all the red string. On a hunch I checked the photo Brian made during the intrusion.

They were already gone by that time. This gives us some good news and some horrible news.

There is some merit to all those protective measures. That's the good news.
They can be easily removed by Slendy's puppets. That's the horrible news.

So we've been resupplying. And stashing our supplies at places away from our homes. Replanning everything, from #4, which I now will make twice, through #6 which requires hardware, #7 for which we'd need more manpower, Adrian's #8, and my new #9, which I will reveal only after I performed it.

The first three pranks worked because they weren't revealed beforehand. #4 was never employed because it was either it, or the Christmas gift #5, and I chose #5. Then I started giving details out. That's when everything started to go down the drain. So, new plan, new hiding places, new everything.

I've got another bad hunch, but I think we can turn it to our advantage.

As for the revelation of zero's return and some other things, I think I'll refer you to the the audio logs.

Also, seriously, I found some people referencing me among the bloggers, but please, it's Maduin, not Maudin. Mad-ooh-in.


  1. The link to the audio logs is broken.

  2. That's what I kept thinking every time I read Maudin...I do hope you CAN turn it to your advantage, sir.

  3. Thanks for the pronunciation guide. That's been bothering me for a while now.

  4. Keep at it Maduin. He who laughs last, laughs best. Take away their weapons, render fear and mindgames useless. ~_^

  5. He who laughs first get's all the bullshit out of the way.

  6. I though reversing the polarity could fix anything.
    Good luck.