Friday, March 4, 2011

Heavy status

I'm not up for writing much. Most is up on the audio log.

Here's the skinny if you don't wanna bother.

Brian is traumatized, Adrian is hospitalized, I'm pissed. Somebody has free access to our homes.

I'm pissed.
Bad hunch!


  1. Be careful, Maduin. G'luck with whatever you do.

  2. I wish I had something to say that would help. Instead I'll settle for keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that you'll remain safe

  3. Who are Brian and Adrian? Were they the ones you're keeping track of?
    Forgive me for being so behind.
    I have my fingers crossed for you.

  4. Fffffffuuuuuu, just when my computer decides to hate me and not let me have sound anymore at all! D:<

  5. @Cindy -

    @Broekchen - it's just a lot of bad news.

    I'll be chcecking on my hunch later today. Things may be going to shit really fast.

  6. I apologize for coming here with this while things are very obviously bad for you, but I think I found evidence that Zero is still alive. Let me know if you have the time to hear what I've found. And again, I hope you remain safe.

  7. I could fix my sound and hear it. I'm not amused, TPF. You mess with the Mad Guy, you mess with... gh, I couldn't do anything anyway. v.v

    If you need shelter elswhere, since I now know how close you are, I'm offering.