Monday, August 8, 2011

Let me tell you a story

There was once a boy who went walking home from a Christmas party.
He didn't notice he's being followed.
The first to follow him was his friend, who was concerned for him.
The second to follow him was a man who wanted payback.
The third was a bunch in masks who blamed him and wished him ill.

The boy noticed the man and snuck away, putting on his rabbit head and saw the masked group. They were there to get retribution for being wronged by the boy, or so they thought.

The rabbit saw behind them a tall figure.
THE Tall Figure even, the definite article, so to speak.
He mocked the figure, thinking these masked people were there doing the Figure's bidding. He asked if they were going to sing and dance.
They weren't there to obey the Figure, but it made them do it, anyway.

They attacked the boy, because they so willed. They sang and danced, because The Tall Figure so willed.
They didn't understand one thing though.
They did not understand that the boy who was the rabbit had a song of his own.
With this song he smashed their heads and slit their throats until only three remained.
Three weren't a threat, so the rabbit did what he intended to do - he gave the Figure what he had prepared.
Had it worked? Nobody knows, because the three weren't compelled to sing or dance anymore.
They attacked him and that's when the man who wanted payback saved him. The three ran off.

The boy remembers it differently.

And the man did not lie.



    There are two Jester Masks. One of them was in Brian's room. Look at the photo of it again, and notice the mask Ears in the bottom right corner.

    WE can't see any of their faces in Sopia's video. All we have are figures, and there are two masks and two jesters currently in play. Let the games begin!

  2. Maduin did say, in a Tumblr post he can't remember making, that Sopia is not the villain of this piece. There are PICTURES of two Jesters, but Maduin has never mentioned any memory of them taking place, although I don't think he ever denied it either.

    I think Maduin knows more than he's letting on, but I don't think he's a killer.

  3. .... Heh.
    I assume this is where the games /really/ begin.

  4. Fuck. Just... fuck. This is insane.

  5. ...You guys are aware that this isn't a game, right? Please tell me I'm not the only one who knows that.

    I mean, uh, remember? Tall, lots of limbs if he wants, no face, spreads horror and madness? You know, the very real monster? This isn't a fucking chessboard, lives are in the balance.

  6. It's a game when //we're// the ones being played with, Konaa.
    Either way, it's one that I hope we all win.
    If not, well...
    I don't think we have much else we can afford to lose.

  7. I refuse to believe Maduin's a bad guy at all. I refuse to believe he was lying.

    Can't be true.

    Come on. Are we losing everyone here? How are we expected to fight when all our role models and heroes and jesters keep falling?

    There's more to this. Far more.

  8. Maduin isn't the villian. Sopia's playing screwball with people's heads.

    People being Maduin + co. and you dear readers.

    I don't doubt that Sopia is a mindscrew of a joke herself, but she's welcome to correct me, if need be.

    Our resident Coyote (Maduin, for those not up on Trickster Spirits) is likely still alive and well.

    Now, I'm gonna go figure out why the hell I can't post comments with my normal Blogger account. *grumble*

  9. To cast doubt and deceit is to play the perfect patsy. To make thine enemy doubt their loyalty and thus their resolve. We are all defined by what we choose to believe. Why let others tamper with what defines you?