Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is this a sitcom?

No seriously. For the past week I've been in Berlin, visiting friends and drinking beer, mostly having nothing to do with anything related to TPF.

I check the blog on a whim and I see this.
And my first thought is "I haven't had an actual porn stash for years".

Anyway, I checked the last place I've ever kept one.
I found this:
 By the look of the shelves this should be Brian's bedroom. Now I have to wonder what this was doing in my former porn stash.
Or rather why Sopia would put it there.
I have no doubts that Sopia has access to my apartment, but perfers to play the "Cerbral" villain instead of directly confronting me.
I'm not gonna complain.

Also, about my trip to Germany.
I, of course, had some beer, but I've also been to the Naturkundesmuseum - they've had an insane exhibit of FEATHERS. I shit you not.
And seriosuly, who writes "God Help" on the door of a museum?

Oh, and I've tried to shoot some videos but only a minute or so made as anything else than static. I'm putting it up here for anyone interested.

Good night.


  1. ... Did you notice what's behind you in that picture?

  2. oh christtttttt.
    Yeah, Mad, nothing to do with Slender?
    You wish. I wish. Either way, that picture is bad news. Bad omen or whatever. Watch yourself.

  3. It's a lamp, imbeciles.

  4. i must say Maduin, that is a very nice cane. But mine is nicer, and holds a very sharp secret.

  5. I wrote MOSTLY nothing to do with TPF.
    Marcus, you win.
    Hatter: 1. it's not a secret anymore. 2. Sword-canes are illegal. 3. Stop posting here. TMV stated what he thinks of you on your blog and I couldn't agree more.

  6. FFFFF-
    That museum is like a ten minute walk from my home!