Sunday, August 14, 2011


Things are starting to get interesting.

The Jester is indisposed at the moment - the police are investigating his involvement in the disappearance of the person known to you as Brian.

He should be available shortly.


  1. Back from the "dead," this is a development indeed...

  2. Interesting. I hope he has a large supply of rabbit masks...

  3. Dear Zane, you need to revise your observation skills.
    Get a pair of glasses and rewatch both videos.

  4. This from the lady who's breaking a few laws herself.

    Well. We'll see what the jester has to say when the police finish with him.

    Here's my question, Sopia: Why do you have such mad-on for disillusioning us about Maduin?

  5. So my information was about as flawed as my sleeping patterns as of late. Sue me.

  6. I doubt the truth is going to come out any time soon.
    Regardless, I'm not going to just give up on /OUR/ jester like this.
    And it sets a plan into motion. We'll see what Mad has to say about this.

  7. "Breaking laws"? Seriously? What laws DID I break?
    Are there laws against being cryptic and pretentious? Or against shopping photos? I don't think so.

    And it was you who decided I was disillsuioning you about Maduin.

    And Spencer, the truth comes out constantly. The question is: how much of it?

    Oh, one more thing - I like the Trilby avatar.

  8. Filming without someone being aware counts as violation of privacy in quite a few countries. And the camera locale for the second clip would indicate a likely case of breaking and entering at worst, tresspasing at least.

    And thanks.

  9. You could just come out and tell us if he's a psycho or not. It'd be a refreshing break from the usual process. I mean, do you get a tax break every time you drop a cryptic hint or something?

  10. Thorn and Konaa, to answer all of your claims and queries:
    You both are under far too many false assumptions.
    Never assume.

  11. Yeah, yeah, I know. Heard it before. Hear it a thousand more before I'm through.

    Sorry if I'm coming off as a jerkass. I'm not making any assumptions just yet. Thinking aloud, yes, but that's me.

  12. Alright, well, it was a hint anyway, so thanks.

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