Sunday, August 21, 2011

I wouldn't say morons

But he's on to something.

And yes, that was one of the false assumptions I meant.


  1. I think I'm beginning to understand, now, why he chose to pass the titles on when he did. If he doesn't trust himself, why should he ask us to?

    Nevertheless, it's always been intentions that matter most to me. I'll not denounce him yet.

  2. Do you all see what happens when you put your faith in people? This is what happens.

    Maduin's right about one thing: you're all morons. Every last one of you who were fully convinced that Maduin couldn't possibly ever end up on the Slender Man's side. Every last one of you who are fully convinced that any individual one of us could never end up on the Slender Man's side.

    Unreliable chucklefucks. That's all any of you are. All I am too, I guess.

    Let this be a lesson, children. Don't be stupid.


  3. Is it really so wrong to hope; to sleep, perchance to dream? I won't stop believing in people because it's stupid. You know why? Because this is all we have. Belief and hope.

    Cautiousness, paranoia. Nobody ever said that these all can't exist in tandem.

    I believe in you, Jester. Don't let us down.

  4. Jekyll: At least you have the presence of mind to admit you're in the same boat.

    Sopia: I wonder if there was a better way to get the Jester's attention. Probably not, hm? At any rate, stick around. This show ain't over 'til Messenger speaks his piece, and you'll have plenty more chances to be maddingly cryptic. (Why are you so cryptic, anyways?)

    The rest of you: Here's another assumption most of you seem to run on, and one I didn't catch until both Brian and Aiden got brought up: Maduin's companions hung around by their own choice. Same as the rest of us. (Well, the non-haunted lot, at any rate. We haunted tend to go in for the whole "Strength in Numbers" bit, even if doesn't actually work.) Heck, that even applies to Sopia up there on that high horse o' hers. It all comes down to choice, in the end.

    Sopia: Okay, stupid question time while I'm playing the foolish optimist. And please, a direct answer for this: Are you male or female? Seriously, it'd be nice to know. We might be on opposing teams, but I like to make sure I'm getting a person's gender right.

  5. Jekyll? Weren't you dead?

  6. Count on hangovers to ruin your day from it's start. Typical.
    "I need the mask back". Ooooh, ominous. Sounds like an obsession to me.

    And for the record, Mad, if you ever read this?

    We need people t believe in us when it matters the most. And it doesn't matter when you believe in yourself.

    Keep that in mind.

  7. I don't have much right to say anything here... but fuck it. If you're reading these comments, I do have something to add.

    Sometimes... we don't have to believe in ourselves, Maduin. We don't have to trust ourselves. Or even REMEMBER ourselves. When we don't recognize the face in the mirror... well, that's not what keeps us going day in and day out. It isn't. Sometimes... it's the fact others believe in us that can keep us straight... or mostly straight. Somewhat sane is really all we can hope for anyway...

    Never give in.

  8. Jekyll what? Maduin what?
    What is happening here??

  9. Broeckchen: All hell breaking loose, seas running red with blood, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria. Y'know: The usual.

  10. the JOKER laughs at the audience for this, his last performance.

  11. Surge: Messenger ain't spoke up yet. The show goes on.

  12. "Sophia doesn't give a shit about telling us stuff" is your big reveal? Really, Maduin? Really?

    Next you'll be telling me that bad things happen when Slender Man shows up! Or that walking around at night is dangerous! Or that you're crazy as fuck!

  13. I've got a bit of an odd question for you, Sopia, if you're willing to answer.

    You wouldn't happen to be in your mid-twenties, would you?

  14. Surge: Until Messenger pops up with Maduin's obituary. Maybe not even then, if Sopia takes the helm at that point. (I doubt it, though. Doesn't seem her style.)

    Konaa: I'm with you, man. I think it was a bigger surprise when Sopia commented on Messenger's blog without being cryptic.

    Sopia: So. Any more cryptic updates for us? Or are you just going to let us hang for a while?