Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I thought it was getting boring here, so I decided to clear up some things to pass the time.

I am able to post non-cryptically, like I'm doing now for instance.

I will not give you any information regarding myself. I care about my privacy.
Okay, not any details, but I can promise you I am not hostile towards the Jester, Adrian or any of you people.

Yes, for once I am actually addressing the readers rather than the Jester.

The Jester himself, in case you're interested, is fine. For all his claims of "needing the mask back" he's either done bugger all, or he's been keeping a spectacularily low profile. The only thing out of the ordinary is that he now drunkenly sings shantys every evening. It's not the singing, or the shantys, or even the drunkedness that's unusual - it's that it happens daily. And he doesn't even seem too hung over in the mornings.

Adrian hasn't shown hide or hair of himself since the mask theft either.

Oh, there's one more assumption you made, but you'll find about it sooner or later.
It'll be a doozy.


  1. Well. I suppose this should fall under the heading of "Be careful what you ask for". Even so:

    Sopia, I could kiss you for giving us an update. Thank you.

  2. Not hostile? Perfect. I guess we'll just have to deal with the snarking then, sweetheart.

  3. Something tells me Sopia would object to kissin'.

    Maduin, if you're reading this: Enough about the bunny head already! It's a damn mask, it has no power. These fixations could be part of your problem...whatever it is.

  4. Let's hope the bunny mask doesn't go the way of Zero's mask, and be left at the base of a tree as it's owner dies. Oh. Shit. That was rather morbid, wasn't it? Oops.

  5. IS our big assumption that AmalgamationSage made was that there were two masks in play, when there was really only one and Brian had nabbed it beforehand?

    I hate dealing with footage like what was posted. Grainy, can't see any faces, not nearly enough detail...

    Frankly, I think you're just being an ass. Don't make a show out of being helpful. Just be helpful. How many masks are there right now?