Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The Jester went and did something insane.
His friend paid for it with his life, so now there's things to be heard.

There's also things to be written - because a Jester is there for the King's amusement and, well, who's the King in this piece.

I can't understand why he did what he did, but I did not question him, since we were both bonded to Slendy.

He had a message ready for quite some time.

I think it's time you hear it.

I don't think you'll hear from me again.



  1. The Jester is for more than entertainment. He illustrates to the king why a new law would be a bad idea via parody... sorta like Letterman now, except our politicians don't exactly listen.

    anyway, Good luck with all that.

  2. Things finally come to a close, or do they? Who knows anymore.

  3. We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.

    Lewis Carroll quip aside:
    OW! Fucking Christ, Sopia! Scream loud enough?

  4. I don't think that was JUST her scream.

    Goodbye Jester. Fantastic.

  5. He's been lost this much since last year's christmas? Worrying.

    I am thankful, i'm a scientist and very level-headed, otherwise I fear it would be too tempting to crack jokes on the fact you bonded to him with Twenty Dollars.

  6. Farewell Maduin. You were quite the jester.

  7. Alas, poor Yorick...
    And so the story ends, I suppose.
    See you around, Jester.

  8. Oh, dear, too bad. And just when I thought things were going somewhere.

  9. Well, this is an interesting beginning.

  10. This sucks. Clara, keep on keepin' on, I suppose. Perhaps we'll see Maduin again some day...

    Peace out,

  11. I just started reading this blog...
    finally finished it...
    NONONONONONONO!!! Don't be dead!!!!!!
    I was starting to get my hopes up on the fact that somebody might survive...

  12. :/ I smell a cop-out and I am very sad about it.