Friday, September 9, 2011


As in I am confused.

Because this appears to be the Jester. And he seems to have gotten himself a handful of rope. Or two handfulls.

And as far as I know, and I've been asked here, there is only one mask, especially since Maduin himself stated in the comments to this post that it was hand-made by a friend.

Then again, nowhere like a sailing supplies store to buy rope, I guess.


I woke up to this. This is just grand.


  1. All the more to hang himself with, presumably.

  2. This is just one more cluster **** of confusion... I need a drink...

  3. ... This is turning out to be a lot more interesting than I thought.
    Thanks for the update, my favourite sarcastic, cryptic as hell person-type-thing. <3

  4. So: How could the Jester have put on the mask and killed Brian while wearing it if BRIAN HAD THE MASK THE WHOLE TIME?

    Just a thought. There's a contradiction here that needs sorting out.

  5. Ellen, dear, where do you get the idea that Brian EVER had the mask? I need to consider putting tags in the videos, because the man taking the mask in the second one is Adrian.

  6. I know that song. It's called Der Letzte Tanz by Schandmaul ("The last dance")and about a black knight who wins a dance with the princess in a tournament. While the identity of the knight doesn't get revealed to the listener, the audience of the tournament falls silent in shock as they recognise him when he demands his price, and he is described as "The Timeless One". So yeah.

    But, you know, a black knight winning a princess doesn't really remind me of Maduin of all people...

  7. Sopia: Your guess here is as good as any of ours. The only things I can come up with given Maduin's behavior involve maritime superstitions, and that just doesn't fit the situation. Unless....hell, unless he intends to either hang or keelhaul Adrian. Even then, I've got my doubts.

    Broeckchen: The song in Sopia's video clip, or the piece of shanty Maduin was singing?

  8. Oh Maduin, you sound like me when I'm tired. That's not a good sign.

    But good on you if you're planning to get back in action. (And I would say something else here, but it might sound too much like a famous Spiderman quote, so I won't.)

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