Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well, this is something I wanted to post about sooner or later, so here goes.

We all wear masks, most of the time in the metaphorical sense - we behave in certain ways before our families, our co-workers, people on the street. This is a natural defensive behaviour, since humans, most of them, believe that exposing your actual "self" before anyone except the closest of people (and in some cases even before those) puts them at risk. People are uncomfortable with being themselves before others for fear of this being used as a weapon against them.

This is also why people seem startled or shocked by those who do not feel restraint in their public behaviours - they see them as behaving obscenely, or perhaps carelessly. Both cases are just scary to most people.
For similar reasons when conducting some activities related to TPF I wear an actual physical mask.
It is a mask emotionally linked to myself, being a sad reminder of a happier times, representing an entity of an approach akin to mine, yet with a differrent motivation altogether.
The motivation is simple - this is another layer of character that neds to be penetrated before my personality itself will become the target. However, this is not the only reason.

As we're set in this struggle with a faceless horror, we are becoming characters in a story and masks reinforce the roles we play, while some of TPF's drones, if they were masks anyway, wear almost featureless ones, to accentuate their "spear-carrier" nature.
Makes me wonder what kind of mask my 'Rock' would wear...

But enough of this pseudo-intellectualism on my part, on to the status report on the victims:

Adrian is slowly developing hostility towards people normally friendly to him and has once recounted losing time, but he cannot recall the conversation in which this happenned.

Brian finished an archive binge on Dreams in Darkness and got quite heavily into Everyman HYBRID. Vicitim has taken to study of mythical and occult techiniques of driving off evil fairies.

Clara seems okay so far. Symptoms have not changed since last noted.

Also, I know this is pprobably not funny, but the Three Sages have become three Gs:
Guardian, Guide and Gone.

Stay safe,


  1. Wow, you're a Pooka? You suddenly make sense to me now. :D

  2. Your blog officially creeps me out.
    And seriously? Shouldn't you AVOID trees? You are batshit crazy if you ask me.

    @zerombr: He's a who-in-the-what now?

  3. You've never seen the classic movie Harvey? Jimmy Stewart's considered an eccentric but goodhearted man who claims to have an invisible seven foot tall rabbit keeping him company.

  4. Keep Calm
    Carry On

    Good Shield
    Will Hold
    For Awhile

  5. A pooka! I know those. My grandmother said they play tricks but will steer you away from trouble when it comes to your door.

    Good choice, Madiun. Though the mask is giving me Bioshock flashbacks, and not in the fun way.

  6. ... Your background image gave me a mild heart attack when I saw it. Too damn jumpy.

  7. Are you(Sage) suggesting we wear masks to protect ourselves? Like shields?
    And would we need to make up new identities to go along with the mask, pick from existing masks, or allow the mask to simply represent our existing identity?
    For example, would a V Mask work better than one I have made, which no one has seen?

  8. No, I haven't seen "Harvey". I'll make sure to do so once my life calms down.
    As for Pooka, I looked them up recently in a library. (Surprisingly a good place to run, while I usually see him repeatedly during the day wherever I go, I did not see him at all in the library).
    These seem to be everything - mischievous and playful, friendly and malicious, also shapeshifters. They seem to do everything for their amusement. Calling Maduin this makes him rank even higher on my creep-o-meter.
    Still, this guy is, presumably, on our side, so yeah...

    @Danny: I know, right?

  9. Maduin(SJS) is to be trusted, Pete. if you trust me(Sage), trust him, he's got far greater insight into the human spirit than I(Sage) ever will.

    And Pooka does fit him, from what I've seen, he IS the self proclaimed (Jester) after all.

    but I don't think he needs another title.

    @Nessa - I think the mask is more of a focus to him, Maduin(SJS) said that it gives him an extra layer of personality, insulation.

  10. Hah!!! K-OS hits the mark again. Very nice.

  11. @Nessa(Herald) - Actually, pretty much yes, if you feel comfortable with it. Also, you don't need new identities to go with the masks, exactly the opposite - the mask should strenghten who you are, or signify your role somehow.
    My mask was hand made by a friend(Dragon) of mine, and as I stated, it is "a sad reminder of a happier time" - it brings back fond memories, however that time is long gone. I'd prefer not to elaborate on that, but my point stands - if are to wear a mask, best be it one which has some kind of emotional significance to you.
    Also, V, or rather Guy Fawkes masks are a bad idea, because despite having very strong features and cheerful smiles they are "non-charcter" masks. The end of "...Vendetta" had them worn by a crowd, while the Anonymous use them as one of their collective "faces".
    Also, all the mask does, if anything, is reinforce what it represents to you and to others.
    Some people are taken aback by the sight of me wearing my mask (Danny(Skeptic?) and Pete(Never Was) being examples), children seem to mostly be curious of the "bunny man" when they see him, and this, in my opinion, is a partial counteraction of TPFs presence.
    Also, M(Hermit) wrote about the defensive capabilities of masks early in TheTutorial.

    @Zero(Sage-Gambler) & Amelia(Sage-Growth)- funnily enough, in my more active RPG days, I used to love playing as Pookas in Changeling: The Dreaming. Good times.
    Also, sorry for additional titles without warning, but I felt these were appropriate.

    @Danny(Skeptic?) - I'll take that as a compliment.

    @Pete(Never Was) - Library, huh? I wonder, whether it's the abundance of stories, or some other factor. Perhaps it's that one, particular library that he avoids, or he has difficulty tracking you there...I'll need to look into this.
    And yes, I am on your side. And for Pooka motivation, why not, because the other side is no fun at all.

    @K-OS(Far fetched) - Internat translator says that the Japanese means "mask". Ah, I get you, I think. Also, The (Far fetched) comments on my journal, I am flattered.

    @zero(Sage-Gambler) again: what do you mean, he(Far fetched) hits the mark?

    There has been a lot of titling, damn.

    Stay safe,

  12. K-OS posts the word "Mask", along with a link to the song "Tightly Held Crucifix"

    You've said as much at your mask is a focus, a ward. it's your 'crucifix'.

  13. Re: V Masks

    That scenes of a crowd (including several characters who should be dead) all wearing V masks is only in the movie. In the original graphic novel, after V dies, Evey assumes his identity; the transfer of identity acts as a shift from V (The destroyer of stagnant society) to V (The creator of a new anarchic society). There remains only a single person wearing the mask, so it still is focused on an individual rather than a group.
    In the context of the novel, the mask represents not a lack of identity, but serves to make the wearer symbolized as the personification of anarchy.

    Now, trying to represent oneself as anarchy in this battle may not work out entirely, as the mask's meaning has been so diluted by groups such as Anonymous that it likely no longer holds its original power. Bit of a shame, that. I quite like Guy Fawkes masks.

  14. You've got some darling hair.
    Also, 'sup with this GGG thing? Could you explain it to me?

  15. Take it as a compliment.

    Skeptic? is cool, except why must you add the question mark? I don't like those implications.

  16. Ah, and here I thought you(Sage-Gambler) meant something beyond that.

    I'm still trying to see beyond that.

    @Omega(Scribe) - I didn't read the graphic novel, although it's on my "to read" list, and I dare think that the movie is more recognizable and more commonly associated with the mask.
    Also, thi is a sad shift of tone between graphic novel and movie, because the moral of the story changes drastically, and it seems to one that I am...not quite fond of.

    @Danny(Skeptic) - the question mark was there because I wasn't sure of the title. If you yourself validate it then it's no longer needed.

    @Cindy(?) - you should see the hair right after it's washed and dried, but thank you very sweetly nonetheless.
    As for the Three 'G's it's nothing really, just a thing I noticed. It may or may not hold a meaning.

  17. Could you explain Sages, Scribes, and Skeptics? Lol.

    And why my name's got a (?) near it? c:

  18. For (Sages) I really think I should refer you to a relevant White Elephants entry, or just White Elephants.
    As for my added titles for (Sages)(Gambler) and (Growth) they represent what I see in them.
    (Gambler) references Zero's luck, dice and willingness to try risky methods against TPF, like astral travel.
    (Growth) represents Amelia's development and will to persevere. Of us three(Sages) she is potentially the most powerful and most likely to survive in any way.

    As for Omega(Scribe), I gave him the title here due to his, as he himself put it, "love of suicide by writing". I hope likes this.

    The question mark is me pondering what title I'd give you and whether you need one at all.

  19. I(Herald) feel more confused than ever.

    You(Sage) said that the mask is another layer of personality, yet go on to say that it strengthens and reinforces who you are.

    About the Guy Fawkes masks... could we do something similar? Like widely distribute a certain type of mask among those who oppose It? I'm imagining a crowd of us facing It down, all wearing plague doctor masks...

    Also, about the titles. I(Herald) feel redundant when I(Herald) use the title twice in a sentence, or even in a paragraph. It's like I'm speaking in third person. How do I use these properly?

    One last question. Could anyone provide clarification on my title, or should I try to define it myself? I'm not sure how to fill this new role.

  20. He also said that he's emotionally tied to it. I guess that's the point with reinforcing and insulating and whatnot.

    Still creepy.

  21. @Pete(Survivor) - quite perceptive, that's pretty much it.

    @Nessa(Herald) - the identity of the mask should not stray too far from who you are or what "role" you play mostly to avoid "becoming the mask" scenarios. Such a choice of mask also does two things: it makes it easier for the wearer to associate themselves with what the mask represents and it makes harder for observers to differentiate between the mask and the wearer.

    As to titles, you(Herald)'ve been given your title to represent what you do. You did not get a new role as much as your role was given a name.

    Continue doing as you(Herald) planned. For Zero(Sage-Gambler-Sacrifice)'s sake.

  22. Addendum:
    A lot of runners/fighters wearing the same mask and standing him down has two decisive flaws in my opinion:
    1 - Identical masks, especially crowd-worn, reinforce lack of individuality, making everyone a background character. This will most likely work in the opposite way than intended. A better idea would be many different masks following a theme. Plague doctors aren't the bad an idea in themselves but we could use something that inspires more positive imagery.
    2 - Direct confrontation has never worked against TPF. Groups have gone in weapons in hand, hearts on fire and hope up only to die. We need a different approach.

    Godammit, I need a beer right now...

  23. Losing Zero(Sage-Sacrifice) has hit me hard. I'm not sure whether I'm more motivated or less willing to do much other than mope.

    I will continue as I planned. So much is changing. I only hope I can keep up with it all. Something drastic needs to be done.

    You'll hear from me in less than 24 hours.

  24. Hey, Zero just commented on his blog. He's alive, but he's in the hospital, and seems somewhat messed up. So we haven't lost him yet.

  25. Are you sure? I saw the comment, but...
    I will reserve judgment on this one.

    Would love to believe that the hospital will be able to help. Feeling depressively skeptical, however. There's only two known ways to deal with Proxies: make them forget, or keep them away from TDS. Preferably both. I don't know how he would be able to stay our Sage if he's been hallowed like B says.

  26. I think if everyone just started wearing masks wouldnt it do the same? cause now again you loose the idea of individuality because so many ppl are wearing masks that it blurs the meening

  27. If we all wore the same mask, sure.
    But I mean, we all have different faces--if we had different masks, it would just be an "extra layer of personality" to get through.

  28. Wait, Zero is hollowed? I wasn't told... They'll probably keep him there for a few days, right? There's going to be people watching him most of the time. Even during the night, staff will probably notice screams down the hallway. And if he drew operator symbol(s) before the transition, whenever it happened, it might keep 'Tupid, Dumb & Fucktarded away long enough for Zero to recover.

    No, I don't watch Grey's Anatomy or any of that tripe. Doesn't matter; what does is that there's about a rough 40% chance that things could go right, but that might be me just being uncharacteristically optimistic. Stupid nosetubes...

    In conclusion, I just learned that Zero's (likely) hollowed, there's a chance he might actually recover, and I dont watch stupid hospital soap operas (apologies if any of you do). However, something tells me (perhaps it's my schema telling me what would be genre savvy) Zero might come back knowing what he hasn't before, thusly with his gamble paying off more than even he thought. Then again, I also know that I have really little to no knowledge about any of this, except the hospital bit. End of wall.

  29. Hahaha, I see what you did there. TDF...

    Well, word is that this kid B is going to take Zero's place if he doesn't recover. I don't know why (Guardian) would say that if the cure was 100% safe. I'm probably making something out of nothing... Zero had better come back, or I'll do something stupid.

    Damnit, Reach was right. *annoyed with herself*

  30. But I can't be (Sage). I'm on the run, I barely know anything and I'm devoted to Melody now. If anything I think Nessa should take his place if he doesn't recover.

  31. Glad you got the joke, Nessa. Don't forget that people need Spirit to live, too. And before you do anything stupid, think about others before yourself, then look up "Herald" in the dictionary.

    I'm also glad I'm not on the run. There's those who've learned less than me and have been forced to flee. If I ever need to though, I've got my smartphone to bring with me and feed me updates to blogs and email within minutes through my 3G connection. And just in case I can't allot vital concentration to slide out my keyboard, I can voice-search those lolcats while I'm busy sprinting from our dapper friend. Hell, I can record videos and upload them fresh to YouTube in the time it takes me to piss.

    I don't mean to brag or anything, though. If it makes you guys feel any better, it took me about twenty or more minutes to type all this.

  32. When you wear a mask, you cease to be you. You become something else. A New Persona. Your Actions are not your own, they are someone elses, this mask entity you have now created.

    What you did was right.

  33. A mask does what it is intended to do. To hide an identity. But dear Maduin,must a Sage wear a mask?


  34. I like masks.
    Costume parties are very fun.

  35. @Jeff - mine hides my identity from TPF and the internet, I think that's quite rational. Must? No, but I sure find it useful. Besides, I like how the photos came out.

    @Shannon - that too.

  36. @B: Me? Lead an entire group of people who are lost and need guidance?
    Me, who has positivity issues at the best of times?
    You've gone round the bend.
    No no no no, I've got a job to do. One that Zero assigned me. I would never take his place. I'm not in a position to help, among other things.

    But wear a mask--I will do that. Resistance, the mask doesn't define your persona. You define it. While it is true that people who wear masks are less inhibited by petty things like social consciousness, we still have the choice.

  37. Masks still a topic here?

    I think they're fine really, they help remind you of what is at hand, help focus your mind. If you have say...oh I dunno, a Reaper mask like I do, it does sort of put you in a certain mentality, but it doesn't have to push your true personality aside, just a layer.

  38. A mask can be a nightmare if you are forced to wear one.

  39. @Danny - that is one of the reasons I dislike society.

  40. Hehe, Maduin--I think you're going to like my latest piece. It has you in it :D

  41. Those are some freaky looking masks is all I have to say.
    Hey, Maduin, I'm new here. I'm also new to the chase, as in I'm being chased. I was told to contact you being one of the Sages. Alright, I've been pursued since March and I'm in a big city hiding out in a hotel room on the fourth with a friend. I know you're supposed to do this alone, but we figured that it's better that there are two of us how that Nightcrawler is out to kill us all. How do you think I'm doing?

  42. terribly keep moving if you hold up with out the intention of fighting you lose. I dont thing being in pairs is a bad thing, watch eachothers back but just keep moving

  43. We don't want to fight. Its just that neither of us particularly wants to get caught by Nightcrawler and/or his cronies alone.

  44. I'm no authority on running, as I am not on the run myself. Anybody wanting to say how insane I am is hereby asked to remind themselves they're telling that to a man in a bunny mask.

    Two is okay, doesn't attract that much more attention from TPF and you can watch each other's backs.

    As for Nightcrawler, I don't think we should be worried about his group, since his higher-ups have officially ordered him to cease killing runners, but I think Nightcrawler himself might still be a problem.

    @Nessa - why thank you, it's awfully sweet of you. Will I get to see it?

  45. Okay, how about three. We have one other friend who Ran that we've been trying to track down. Problem is he Ran back in May and we've on the Run a total a few days.

  46. No. No Drew I cannot and will not join up and Run with you and Ron. I'm sorry. Your last update by Ron just goes to show that when trouble arises for us runners its more than one person on the line when it does. Its best we split up and make the chase harder for...him.
    That said, no, I was not gunned down by NightCrawler as you so feared.

  47. With so many running.....

    Does he have the patience to catch you all?
    Or will he wait till you all exhaust yourselves.....

    A Disturbing thought. How long can you keep running for? As long as it takes? You live, yet do you truely live?

    And as the wolves close in around you, will you have the strength to face them alone?

    Running takes alot of energy does it not?

  48. @Battery: I always wondered about that. Especially about M. However, that's something I hope to address--it will be a lot easier to run, knowing there is a house out there where you can sleep peacefully, at least for a few days.

    Of course, Maduin(Sage). I might even have it up today. :)

  49. As a matter of fact, I do. Go and see.

  50. Prank number 2/3 performed. Now excuse me while I shit myself to a calm.

  51. Is there something you wish to share with us, Maduin?

  52. Awaiting your next post, Maduin.

  53. I'll post a full update once all the "pranks" are done, which leaves one. The problem is, the second one, while I can call it successful to certain degree, required directly approaching him.
    The atmosphere around him is quite chilling, you guys know that.

  54. Not by first-hand experience, but I do know what you're talking about, Maduin. Just don't die while you're having fun with SlimFast.

  55. Yeah, we need you.

    (Slim-Fast... LOL. Great to have people with a sense of humor around here.)

  56. As I said, Spirit is a vital part of living. On the subject of Fatty, I think I saw Fizzbomb call him "Beanpole," I laughed aloud at that. Perhaps we should hold a meeting and see how many derogatory terms we can produce?

  57. I prefered Mr. "Snap into a Slim Jim" myself,
    course I tend to just call him Old Gaunt.

  58. Odd. Reminds me of Frank from Donnie Darko.

  59. @Grey: I like that idea. Maybe we'll make a list while we're waiting for it on the Solstice. Maybe that'll make it hurry up XD

  60. Anyone who would like to begin listing the insults they've thought of may do so. I'll start:
    'Tupid, Dumb, & Fucktarded
    Wanker Man
    Ol' Pole
    Too Tall Tim

    I'll post more when I can think of them.

  61. Noodle Kaboodle
    Slim Jim
    Tuxfard (my newest creation)
    Poker Face
    Pumpkin King/Pimpkin King

    oh fuck I just realized....

    Jack Skellington's dog is named...Zero.




  63. Maduin! Zero has gone and done something reckless. All I know is he said that he was going to try and save Nessa. Her place is crawling the hollowed and agents! I don't know what to do.

  64. Look Out.
    Agents Rabid
    Attacking Openly
    RUN or Fight!

  65. Calm down, Greenlight.
    Agents not a problem.

  66. Maudin I'm looking for information on something/one called the Conduit. One of Sister-man's boy toy named dropped it after I captured him. I think it could be very important.

  67. I thought I posted here earlier than this.

    @Maduin(Jester/Sage) - I like you. You've got a posting style that seems wry, and slightly amused, like you're treating Ol' Dirty Bastard's scare tactics like a joke.

    @Grey - Beanpole, believe it or not, actually came to me while reading a Joanne Bertin novel called "Dragon and Phoenix." That and the novel before it, "The Last Dragonlord," are among my favorites, the flaws be damned.

    I'll check in here later, gonna ice down my eye.