Saturday, November 6, 2010

The sinning commences

Robert, Sage turned Guardian,  is gone.

Jay has been gone for a while.

Shaun apparently also ended, but in his case there's still hope.

Still, Robert stated that the new Three Sages are there and the titles are up for grabs, so I'm very interested who will step up to the challenge, while I play a trick on TPF.

Also, there's a bunch of psychos with heavy duty firepower tracking and eliminating runners as a means to stop TPF's existence. Won't do any good, if you ask me, and Nightcrawler, as their leader calls himself, will most likely end up shooting himself.

So, for the title drop on this post.
The sinning commences, three victims have been infected, each a different person altogether, each given a different story. It's been almost two weeks, so let's introduce them:

First victim, called Adrian for convenience. Early twenties, fit, good-looking, nothing exceptional about him. Infected via Marble Hornets and Dreams in Darkness. Symptoms so far: maniacal delving into the mythos and initial look-over-the-shoulder paranoia.

Second victim, "Brian". Late teens, story writing talents, sub-par physical performance, book worm, initially fuelled with tales of badassery of Detective Ezekiel Strahm and similar, associate's the mythos with Croshaw's "John DeFoe series". Symptoms so far: claims to have seen TPF once and is currently checking mythological texts, folk legends and fairy tales for creatures resembling him and any method to fight back.

Third victim, "Clara". Mid-twenties, long-time RPG player, charismatic, good singing voice, inventive, very fit, treated to almost every comedic meme concerning our pursuer before being introduced to TribeTwelve and Just another Fool, her favourites are "20 dollaz" and "Splendorman". Symptoms so far: nothing noticable, except maybe a painfully vocal addiction to aforementioned memes.

As for me personally, sightings have been scarce but regular and yesterday he manifested prominently outside a bar I was having a drink in. I may be acting irrationally, but I haven't left home, I'm not running.

Oh, and M has been gone quite a while now, I hope he's okay, even though he'll start hating my guts as soon as he reads this post.

Stay safe.


  1. yep, Omega was right, Greenlight sees you me and Amelia....okay I think we need to have a chat, people.