Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pranks done

I shat a house, I kid you not.

I'll briefly address current events before proceeding to the meat of this entry.
Everything seems to be going to hell everywhere. Nessa, Robert, Jean. I'm sorry, I can't help.
Also, some agent who hijacked Robert's blog seems to demand that the (Titled) reject their (Titles), the Runners clear their blogs and so forth and so on.
He keeps saying how irrelevant and powerless we are. Disproportionate retribution then.
Either that, or we're somehow relevant.

Shaun rejected his title with an air of defiance. He stated that it wasn't his anyway.
Will I do the same? Today, I don't think so.
'Seer'? I could, it's too serious for me.
'Sage'? Too big.
'Jester'? Sorry, mine.

On to the "pranks".

Prank 1/3:
  - one complete business suit; black
  - one faceless latex mask
  - one drone, agent or whoever
  - any type of room with mirror
  - smelling salts
Confirmed agent/drone of TPF in my vicinity. Lured drone into shopping mall bathroom where he was swiftly knocked out and put into a costume of TPF.
Used smelling salts to wake drone. Subject saw himself in the mirror and started having something that looked like either a heavy headache or a complete breakdown.
TPF appeared after a few minutes of prolonged stationary panic of subject and forcibly removed the mask.
Subject fainted.

I'm not comfortable with this pseudo-scientific approach, I'll get back to writing normally.

And that's when I quuietly retreated
I suspect this created a severely traumatic identity crisis within the poor bugger I used. TPF was unimpressed, but look somewhat agitated. Either he didn't notice me, or the unmasking was more important than me.
It's a possible distraction measure.

Prank 2/3:
You need: TPF, a 20$ bill

Yes, I did that. That's the one after which I needed to "shit myself to a calm". I carried twenty dollars (American) on me and I walked around late waiting to notice him. And there he was. I gripped the bill and walked up to him.
My intention was to just shove him the bill and walk away, but I froze up.
The fear was tangible at that distance, it was a chilling suspense whichmade every horror book, game or movie I've ever played and enjoyed look timid in comparison.
So after the few seconds which it took me to jerk out of the paralysis of ruining horrors for myself forever he was still there, right in front of me, "looking" at me with what seemed a quiet interest.
I shoved the twenty into him, I don't know how and when he grabbed it, but it doesn' matter.
He started to look to the bill and to me in turn and looked thoroughly confused.
The idea here was, that if he runs on belief and knowledge of him, meme's related to him may affect him.
I walked away after some time. He was still shifting his gaze from the twenty to me and back when I lost sight of him.
Possible memetic weapon here, then.

Prank 3/3:
For this prank get: one mask with distinct human features, one insane person with no survival instinct to actually do it.

The insane person is me, of course.
This one began like 2/3, but instead of handing him 20$ I picked the human mask out of my pocket and shoved it onto where his would be. I still don't get why didn't do anything to me in these two attempts.
Anyway, after being masked TPF started exhibiting similiar symptoms to the drone from 1/3, only additionally he started to lose shape and form.
The problem is two proxies appeared out of nowhere right when I did that, as if they rose out of the ground.
I clocked one immediately, but the other was too nimble. They pulled out knives. I decided to leg it just in case. And it's effing hard to giht in The Mask.

This prank may work well as a last chance effort to save oneself in TPF's presence.

As to the victims, Brian and Clara exhibit no new or interesting symptoms, while Adrian apparently found this blogm read it and now officially hates my guts for intentionally infecting him.

Tough luck.

That's it for today guys,
Stay Safe
Maduin The Jester


  1. Gotta be brief, apparently I'm about to go into round two for fighting for my life (with a few tricks up my sleeve ;) ). Pranks were funny as hell. About to have to play the action heroine again, gah.

    Update on my blog later when I'm not fighting for my life.

  2. Your counter parts should be in our hands soon. Your pranks will matter little when you find their heads.


  4. Hey look, Bunny-Man, someone's finally laughing at what you do ;) then again, I think you're mad for doing these.

    And why're you not joining the battle royale?


  6. Nessa's safe. Led the attack on my home. Got her in custody. Keeping her with me until she's herself again, and Will's on his way. Plenty of food, water, and ammo to hold out, but making escape and living plans side by side just in case.

    She's safe, that's what's important, and I can--no, WILL--defend her from anyone trying to take her back to Slim Jim.

  7. Maduin, you're insane, but awesome. I've been meaning to try out 20 bucks as a weapon, so it's good to know that that method at least kind of works. Still, Jesus above, how the hell are you still alive? Don't answer that, I'm actually not sure I want to know. Love yer pranks, mate.

  8. is any of this real? giant damn pooka looking at me.

    i jus tdont know

  9. its cool, BSOD is over. just been really bad here

    Maduin, you have the nerve to call me bananas?

  10. Anybody checked to make sure Nessa's laughter, erratic as it is, isn't a binary convert (a=1 h=0 or vice versa)?

  11. @Daniel Just checked. The A=1 and H=0 nets valid responses.


  12. Maduin, I want to apologize for things that have happened recently. I'd love to attribute them solely to stress and madness, but I think part of me wanted to believe in something more.

    I'm sorry, man.

  13. Well. Those three pranks were possibly totally insane, but the fact that they actually had an effect (especially the last two) is very intriguing. Good job there.

  14. Oh Christ.
    Don't hurtchoself.


  15. @Zero - no problem, and yes, you are bananas. I, on the other hand, am nuts.

    @Cindy - don't worry, I'm okay.

    @Jean - I kind of hoped you'd call me Crazy Awesome right there, but no go, I see. Will have to work on that.

    @Everybody who enjoyed these - thanks, stay for the ride.

  16. Pardon me kind gents and ladies. I was wondering if I could get some clarification of the terms on this post. I'm somewhat new to the hardcore internal workings of the sages, so some of these terms are completely beyond my guesswork.

    -TPF. Another word for HIM?
    -A drone. Same thing as an agent?
    -What in the world is a proxie? I had no idea what that could have been.

  17. Hi KD:

    1. Yes.
    2. Pretty much
    3. Human beings who do his bidding.

  18. @Maduin -yeah..I can't take quite the humor in that quote as much as I may have in the past.

    Fucking slap me if I get stupid again, okay?

    Speaking of stupid, about your pranks, did you actually touch him? Did it burn?

    Do you still think that the concept of PoV really affects him? I've really given up on figuring out backstory. Hell, I'm about to edit my previous posts to reflect that.

  19. Thanks for your compliment. ^.^ But I think the thesis is seconded by your newest pranks. All glory to the Jester with the twenny dollarz.

    I've got even more... like a connection between Him and christmas in the human subconscious. Like: Why did Jack Skellington (a result of that imprint on the sc) try to take over christmas out of all celebrations of the year? May I bring up christmas carols as a possible ingredient of one of your future pranks? A mistletoe was what eventually started Ragnarök, so why not give it a try with Him? :3

    Something else that occured to me: Maybe He is playing a game like Calvin Ball with us? And the rules are not changed, but made up while playing and expiring after some time? If so, one would just need to make up rules as convenient, trying to outwit Him with suddenly believing in things like "Barbecue Sauce is lethal for you." The less used the rules already are, the more original they get - the better the chance of them actually working on Him.

    Because Calvin Ball. :3

  20. Very late post, but that is funny as hell. $20 confusing him and a human mask giving him a breakdown

  21. That's interesting. I'll remember that.