Sunday, November 7, 2010

I hate clowns

They terrify me to no end and they did so long before I read Stephen King's "IT", or saw Tim Curry perform the role of Pennywise.

The problem with me is, I'm sort of a fear junkie. I thrive on suspense, tension and irrational fears and this is what got me drawn into my current situation with Tall-Pale-Faceless.

Still, my despise of clowns goes beyond fear and into outright loathing, wich makes me taking up the mantle of the Jester in this performance quite amusing. Then again, I am also always up for a good laugh.

And so, the Jester who despises Clowns and laughs at himself for sitting so close to them has received a nomination for the title of "Sage" by some messenger of the former Three Sages.
Numbered 1, to boot.
I thought I was the one to joke here, but fate loves one-upping me on the funny.

Nice to see numbers 2 and 3. We make a diverse bunch.

So, I got this second mantle, after being named  a "Seer" by Robert, and while never fully accepted that one, I think I'll cut up both robes and sew them into my new jester suit.

And here I am, the Rule of Three Personified - Holding Three Titles, first one Given, second one Chosen, third one Inherited, being the First of The Second Three Sages, overseeing The Three Victims.

Still, the Joke's on us, because we're the Second Three, and the cycle won't be complete without a Third Three, so we'll either have to step down at some point, or be struck down. Not a happy thought.

But enough of this pointles wall of text, I'll get to the point. Zero, you want to communicate, it is. I don't see how I can help, you, or, inversely, how you could assist me, but let's try. Amelia, you get in contact too.

I still can't see why the titles were passed on to us, but let's run with it.

As for my joke, there's nothing new on the Victims, a trap has been set for TPF, however calling it a trap is exaggarating, because it's more of a prank, for which I could use one of his drones, but any runner will do.

And one more thing, I'm noticing ever more a Rock that sparks my interest and might become helpful. It's a joke within itself, because the Rock seems to not be there.

Oh my, an entire post, and I dare say a quite long one, consisting almost entirely of shameless self-plugging, as Someone ;) put it.

I will need to make a couple photos for my next entry, but let's wait for that until something note-worthy happens to the Victims, shall we?

Stay Safe

Also, I read the initial letters of our (Amelia, Zero and mine) handles in the order we were given. Read out loud it goes "am-AY-zee" and I can't help but giggle every time I do that.


  1. setting a prank eh? Well, a brazen display of courage is always useful, so long as you survive it.

  2. Sounds like Amazon when I read it out loud, and that makes me grin.

    Glad to have you at my back, Maduin. I'll be sending word via e-mail in a bit, but I wanted to stop by here first to say hello to the Third. :)

  3. A Rock that sparks your interest? This wouldn't be about the (Hero), would it?
    And what is this about using Drones?

    -Full of questions

  4. Good luck to you, Maduin(Sage). I'm sorry the joke's on all of us.

    Peace out,

  5. yes Nessa, in his mysterious way, Maduin is asking for the Hero. I agree, the Rock isn't there, or in a less metaphysical way, the Hero will show at the proper time, not a moment before.

  6. I sent the three of you(Sages) an email. Let me knwo what you thin kas soon as possible. haha I know how hard it can be to respond to emails in our line of work.


  7. Ah, the Jester.

    I haven't found anything in your accounts particularly funny, but your selection by dear, departed Robert is certainly amusing.

    He called you the Seer. Let us see if you can See me.

  8. What the hell is your problem, Reach?
    So far you have had nothing but snark and condescension to offer.