Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tough night...

It's like 4 AM here and I just got back home.

I'm checking on the others as I write this and I'll edit this into a full entry once I get a clear view of what went down.

Also, yes, I had my hands full with Slenderman tonight.



Sorry for the edit coming so late, but I was beat from the events of the night and I just had to get some sleep, of which I got too little anyway, since falling asleep was a chore in itself.

I need to make it clear that I did not take part in Zero's massive battle plan, mainly due to being on another continent.

Anyway, here's a quick rundown of what went down this night for me.
I attended a Christmas party at the office where I work, The Mask stashed in my locker. I gave windows and closed doors the usual distrusting looks, but everything seemed fine. Until I left, that is.
You see, the office is nowhere near the center of the city, more like a creepy suburb, but with small office buildings and warehouses instead of homes and as I was walking down the road to catch the night bus I noticed someone following me, as in, a person walking some distance behind me, taking the same turns, going out of sight when I stopped, the usual.
I decided to check how determined my potential assailant actually was so I jumped a fence and found a small warehouse under construction, or rather, in need of several finishing touches - basically a bare brick building with no doors or lights. Unfinished, rather than under construction.
I knelt down and put on the Mask.
Then I saw Slenderman in there, standing, staring.
I thought back then that it's good that I have pranks number 4 and 5 at the ready. And then three proxies came into my field of view, ruining those pranks quite a bit. Anyway, the three consisted of two guys, one a bit lanky, the other a bit shorter but better built and the girl in the middle, they were wearing what I can easily call the creepiest masks I've seen on a person. They were completely blank and featureless, just these white surfaces without even visible eyeholes. It's anyone's guess how they saw through them.
The three came to a halt about four meters from me. Keeping in mind the probable attack from the unknown stalker that had been behind me and everything that was in front of me, I decided to crack a joke.
"So what?" I asked, looking directly at TPF, "These guys are going to break into a song and dance routine now?". Bad joke.
Slendy titlted his head and they did. The tall guy started to sing "Carpe Noctem" from Dance of the Vampires of all things and they began circling me, dancing. Another mistake I made was thinking that I could easily hit one of them, since they were dancing, and make a run for it. I don't know if my movements were somehow slowed down, but it sure felt that way, and the masked bastards (and bitch), without losing rythm, knocked me around a bit and knocked me to the ground and then had the nerve to just continue dancing. TPF tilted his head to the other side, apparently amused.
I got up slowly and look at him, the other two joined the lanky one in singing.
"This is how it is? Let's play it your way." I said.

I don't know, whether it was an effect of Slendy affecting his proxies, or the Solstice, or some narrative based bull, but I easily overtook their song with one I started singing and when I started dancing, they moved in accord. I don't know if you've ever seen a fight scene in a stage musical, but that's how I would describe what went down - I basically directed their dancing so that they knocked each other out. In the moment I thought it was luck, but now that I get a moment to consider, I'd sooner gues that it was Slendy's way of toying with me, convincing me that I can do something that I actually can't.

Still, I had to test out at least number 5, so I took it out of my backpack, happy that the packaging wasn't damaged, I walked up to TPF with it, thinking "I did this twice already, I can do it again."
And then I froze like I was never frozen before. If the Solstice does make him more vulnerable, it sure as hell doesn't make him weaker, or maybe the vulnerability makes him put in that extra effort in. All my muscles were locked stuck, my heart stopped for a second I think.
I don't know how long I stood frozen, but I know it was long enough for the proxies to get up, toss me into the snow and start kicking the shit out of me the old fashioned way, without dancing, that is.

Then some charged the lanky guy, I instinctively grabbed the girl's leg and pulled her to the ground, trying to pin her down and let my rescuer, whoever he was, do as good a job on the two guys. She threw me off quite quickly and aimed a kick at my face.
Then she fell unconscious.
My rescuer stood above me and helped me up. Slenderman was gone, prank number 5 lay where he had stood, unwrapped.
Then I got a look at who saved me.

He said he should've left me to them, well maybe he should, but I'm glad he followed me and saved me. I'm not damaged permanently, either, so don't fret, just a few bruises. The Mask somehow survived.

I'll edit again later, for the supposed account of Zero's grand battle.
Screw that, I'll just slap in another post.

Stay safe, guys.
I obviously didn't.



  1. I can wait for the edit. I'm just glad to see that you're still around.


  2. I'm looking forward to hearing about how everything went down. I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone perceived to have occurred.

  3. Well, that's one person confirmed still alive.

  4. I'm happy about you being alright. ^^
    Now, Jester, do tell!

  5. Just read the edit. Whoah. Just whoah.
    I don't even know if in a positive and negative way.

    But remarkable that Slendy didn't make such a fuss about the twenny dollaz and the mask ad about the christmas present, yes?

  6. I'd appreciate it if you were more careful.
    Stay safe <3

  7. So essentially you had a West Side Story style fight scene with some Proxies? BAD ASS!!!