Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bunny is back

So yeah, I got my mask back.
Apparently I lent it to a friend of mine for a LARP, which is believeable, except one detail.
I do not recall ever doing this, and several people have confirmed seeing me handing The Mask to him personally.
So yeah, lost time is never a good sign, especially with our tall and skinny friend around.
Question is, what did I lose except lending the Mask to my buddy?

I suspect that this event may have occured due to me directly exposing myself to TPF for the recent "pranks". I will have to investigate further to make sure. I may try Passer-By's idea and employ Christmas Carols this time. Might be amusing.

Outside slender problems, recent events have me very optimistic.

Stay safe guys.



  1. what things make you so optimistic, maduin?

    Perhaps Jace No-Face enjoys jokes as well, that'd be....terrifying.

    Good to see you have it back at least

  2. Come on, Jester, tell us a joke! Hahahahahaha that's your fucking job, isn't it? A joke tell us a joke a joke Jester a joke

  3. Hit him with a candy cane? I just had a candy cane mocha (today has been a day of caffeine) and they're delicious. If happy thoughts can make him go away it's worth a try, right?

  4. Ahh, candy cane mocha... where did you get it, Jean?

  5. Student run coffeehouse. But they make good ones at Starbucks (but I'd probably be eviscerated by my activist buddies for admitting that.)

    And about the singing Christmas songs? I've been doing some research on the subject of music in warfare for my German literature class. Taking into account the idea of the Tulpa effect (I'm not completely sure it's the right idea, but it seems to be the way most people are going) Tall, Dark and Grinchy is made up of ideas. During World Wars I and II, music-- particularly that which usually occurred during times of good spirit-- was used by the state as propaganda.

    Propaganda is defined as "doctrines, ideas, arguments, facts, or allegations spread by deliberate effort through any medium of communication in order to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause".

    Maybe Nessa, bless her, had a good idea; the fight between ideas. Music "provides a weapon of social change which can be used to achieve specific goals because the lyrics, together with the melody and rhythms, take on different and more significant meanings than those that appear on the surface." If Slendy popped out of our social consciousness, maybe a shift away from him would get rid of him, or at least weaken him.

    Maybe we should get Hosozukuri to write us another good piece of propaganda.

    Or maybe this has been tried before.

    Blimey, this post is rambley. Sorry, Maduin. No sleep. Sure you know how it is.

  6. Okay, so, uh, Slenderbloggins appears to be insane.

    Ah, will people never cease putting strange things in their hot drinks? I'm not one to talk, I put jam in my hot chocolate once. It was an accident, I was intending to put it on my toast, but still.

  7. @Zero - life, buddy, simple beatiful things in life. The kind of thing that can make a man invincible, to boot ;)

    @slenderbloggins - no need. You just made this entry funny all by yourself.

    @Jean - candy cane will probably not work (and I'd hate to waste perfectly good candy cane anyway), and the carols are related to Passer-By's Slendy-vs-Santa theory, which I love to the point of madness. Also, no problem - I like your rants :)

    @Genevieve - all I ever put in my tea is a spoon. People keep telling me I'm gonna poke my eye out.

  8. Even though I don't really buy into the idea of him being a tulpa, I love the fact that someone can fuck with his head at least a little. Keep up the good work Maduin. You know your rabbit mask kind of reminds me of Alice in wonder land.

  9. I use a notebook to keep track of time.
    You could do the same, bunny-man.

  10. hallucinations are blessings. gaps are blessings. remembering makes it worse.

  11. you know, Maduin, I can't help but think that seekerOx is a blogger who succumbed, as in someone who had a story posted. I don't know why I think that.

  12. Glad you have it back. :D

    Well... every Jester has to learn handling that his audience might learn from them, I guess.

    I'm really looking forward to read about your next pranks. ^^ But take care, okay?

    Also, I discovered that I'm too lazy for switching forth and back between this and the pb-account. So... yeah.

    (What kind of LARP did your friend need the bunny mask for, actually? Sounds fun!)

  13. Maduin I have secured some information that may or may not prove useful in the planning of other pranks I've posted it on my blog. I'm might receive more later this week, but I won't know until my friend has completed his testing of a certain substance.

  14. @Zero: Maybe, but that would still change nothing. Also, I amseriously amused at some things that will occur on the Solstice, that are irrelevant to Slendy.

    @Passer-by: Thanks for the support. The LARP was a Broken/Twisted Fairy Tale themed and he was The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with heavy OCD and Manic-Depressive states (I wanted to take part, but both Cheshire and In Boots were taken, so I didn't really have any part I could convincingly play in the "Twisted" setting)

    @Will: Music is nothing new. Substance is not reliable.

    @Pete: I might, thanks for the idea.

  15. Well, now that I'm marked as Broeckchen everywhere, I can also go with that name. ^^°

    That con sounds great. But I can see why you wouldn't want the Hatter or the Hare. Your humor seems to be more on the "I'm fully sane, only in a way you don't get."-side than in a "Bwahahahaa!"-way.

    I replied something to your comment, by the way. ^^ And I can't believe that you actually showed my theory in the H(a)unting blog... I even disgraced myself in not noticing that before commenting. x.x I simply didn't realise up until now that knowing it already is a possibility for most people... Let me correct myself. I still don't realise it. And what I actually want to say with this: Thank you very much. ~<3

  16. Maduin, I want to thank you for what you said. It's nice to know that you still trust me, and are willing to help Broeckchen out if necessary. Stay safe, Bunny.


  17. @Broekchen & Fizzy: Okay, let me elaborate. In a "Twisted" setting, Mad Hatter would, most likely, be a person learned in psychology and/or sociology who was driven into a bizarre state of insane vegetation by overanalysing everything within the field of his perception - a hypochondriac doctor attempting to diagnose himself.
    March Hare would either be a product of the Hatter's mind, or someone attempting to reach out to what was left of his sane self and instead of pulling the Hatter out, he himself got dragged into the bizarre reality.
    As for my preferred feline roles, the Puss in Boots was, in the original story, a con-man who aimed to put a simple boy as high as possible on the social ladder for nothing more or nothing less than his own comfort. Well, maybe to prove he COULD. A "Twisted" Puss would be either a disillusioned one, having failed his "master" and being somehow guilty for his misfortune or death, or one filled with greed and pride, changing loyalties and goals as time goes, aiming at nothing and everything at the same time.
    The Cheshire Cat is special in that he wouldn't need much of an overhaul for such a setting, even it is tempting to go in American McGee's direction - Cheshire is an observer and advisor type, whose goals are unclear and can range anywhere from "I want to help these guys help themselves" to "I'll tell them the whole truth and make them think I'm lying".
    Both felines, you might have noticed, are trickster archetypes, something I'm quite fond of in role-playing.

    @Slenderbloggins: No problem, and seriously - acting like an ass once is hardly enough to make me distrust you ;) You stay safe, too.


  18. Man, that sounds all kinds of fun to play. Pity the LARP scene where I used to live was nonexistent.