Monday, July 11, 2011


Okay, I remember getting drunk saturday, that much fits.
But I sure as hell don't remember posting this, but okay. I can take hint. Especially from myself.

I delved into the far reaches of my hard drive, to the classic rock and metal folders to find Fear of the Dark gone, replaced by "Fear of the Dark.txt" which said "You put it in the bin".
And there it was, along with POST THIS ON TUMBLR IDIOT.mp3, which is just an empty audio file, but another txt file in there convinced me.
I'm not hard to convince, not by myself.

Also, I managed to try out the dog sounds in the meantime. Didn't keep much attention until it got to the recording of me barking myself, which caused TPF to, well, reach out for the portable speaker set I was using.
I didn't bother to stay and check what he did with it.
Nice to know I'm a good decoy. I can use that, actually.

And I keep buggerring on!


  1. You, sir, are a fascinating individual.

  2. Being drunk seems to make you more productive. I guess that's good to know. And I hope that portable speaker didn't cost too much.

    If you're going to use yourself as a decoy, just make sure you don't die.

  3. Ha. Keep buggering on, eh? 'course, I spend about 20 minutes drafting something up and then blogger mucks it up, oh poo.

    But that's irrelevant, isn't it? Look forward to more, Maduin, as always. And, er, good luck, mate.


  4. You're easily swayed, as you've noted.

    It's... fascinating.

    Thought I'd spread the word. R.I.P.

  6. Best wishes to ya', Jester. You're an interesting person, it seems. I like reading your blog, and just wanted to show my support in you the only way I know how.. a picture. Not much use for it, but still. Good luck.

  7. Maduin, you are going to love what KK did to TPF. I'm still laughing.