Saturday, July 2, 2011


So I met up with Clara and she gave me my DVD back, showed me several fan and parody videos, including "Blame the Viking" and "Slender Madness". Glad she has fun with it.

Anyway, we watched the film together, and I'll just put it this way:

The appearance is similar enough, the modus operandi is adequate. I think this qualifies as another occurrence of TPF on some subconscious level.
He seems to be mankinds eternal villain, but I daresay there's some people who, again at a subconscious level, identify with him.
Hence, Alex Mercer
 He looks like Slendy, has several abilities similar to Slendy's, is probably as human as the Slender Man and orbits somewhere around villain protagonist. Oh, and the thing that kickstarted the events of his game? "Project REDLIGHT".
Since I don't really believe in coincidence at this point, I'll be more inclined to seeing this as some enormous red herring, or perhaps a joke on the faceless man's part.

Anyway, after we finished watching the film (I still tear up at the ending) I noticed the new post by Sopia... I really am not sure what to think of it.
Still looking for things I did on the night of the concert. I thought I was onto something when I found a note saying "Fear of the Dark is awesome, I should listen to it more" in my coat pocket, but it's really just stating the obvious. Ah, well, if it is relevant, I'll make sense of it somehow.


  1. Fuck. Now I can't ever enjoy that game ever again.

    thanks Maduin, thanks a million..

    Kidding, for the most part. But that's seriously creepy as all fuck.

  2. The funny thing about ALex Mercer, is that by doing all the horrible things he does, he develops a conscience and becomes more human and moral by the end of the game.

    It's something to keep in mind.

  3. Doubt was a good manga. Horribly depressing, though.

  4. Oracle of Madness - KashiJuly 2, 2011 at 9:36 PM

    Too much of a coincidence to be set apart as a misleading track. Worth a try to keep an eye on this one, especially considering that Prototype 2 is coming in a future date.

    Still, I see it as a bit of a stretch to consider Alex as the "enemy of humanity". If so, why would he go around fighting against the Blacklight virus in-game, helping his sister and saving Manhattan from a nuclear blast? He may be LOOSELY based on Slendy, but he's not that much of a jerk who simply has lost his track. He has no moral qualms, after all *SPOILER*.

  5. It was a fun game. Not enough pain.
    Would you like to have your mask burned to your face? A little rabbit forever.

  6. Man, Prototype was a kickass game.

    Alex Mercer's an Anti-HERO, though.

  7. Alex Mercer was a bad-ass.

    Slenderman aint got shit on him.

    Too bad he dies in the next game.

    1. So an invincible extradimensional being that is the very incarnation of horror, beyond all human understanding "hasn't got shit" on a guy from a video game...

      Well everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if their opinion sucks.

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  9. Oh mister White Rabbit Jester, your tea is getting cold.

  10. Maduin, this is very interesting. I don't recognize what movie that would have been, maybe you could share more?
    And also, did you notice what Sopia put up? 'Jester Doubt'
    I'm thinking I'm just not quite enough of a nerd to get these references...

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  12. Elaine:

    Tengen Toppa Gurren laggan

    Also, we'd best get the drills.

  13. That, sir, is a very good anime.

  14. Damn.

    Gurren Laggan is the shit.