Sunday, April 17, 2011

Looks shopped

If you ask me it does.
I don't care how it got there, whether someone, somehow gained access to my blog, or if I did it while under influence during lost time. I don't care about that.

What I care about, is that I can't edit, delete or affect it in any way.

Fun times ahead.


  1. Love your new background, Maduin. You look very sophisticated. ^^

    So the name Sopia doesn't mean anything to you?

  2. Sopia makes me think of the Lady in the Lake...or some angel. Or some goddess. Or something.

  3. So I was not incorrect in my analysis of your doubt, O Jester, you canst make it fun if thou so wish.

  4. I dunno. I was thinking of those mexican hollow fluffy pillow breads that you pour honey on. Sopapilla's I think they're called, pronounced "So-Pah-Pee-Ah."

    Damn. Now I really want a Sopapilla. Am I spelling it correctly.

    Either way, nothing you can't handle Maduin. ~_^

    And I strongly suggest a Sopapilla with honey right about now. So delicious.

  5. I agree with the above person. He has fabulous ideas.

    ~ Casey

  6. Oh, is the background new? I just got here. Of course on my Droid, all these fancy-pants backgrounds show up half a minute after all the words do so there's this neon teal that shows up any time I scroll. :(

    As for the un-delete-able picture, I find the best solution to unpleasant things I can't change (that aren't hurting anybody) is to ignore it in favor of fun or pleasant things.

    Somebody tell me why close symbols on everything are now (X) instead of [x]? The other way was bad enough.

  7. "Sopia" reminds me of Sophie...