Friday, April 15, 2011

Breach of Trust

Things have happenned again.

I was suspicious of several people near me being proxies, so I informed them of several hiding places, by mentioning those offhand in a discussion. Hiding places where one could hide notes and supplies.
You know, for pranks.
All these hiding places were fakes, with markers hid in them, you know, basic stuff, to check if someone has been in there.
None of these were broken into.

However, my actual supply hiding spot was raided, and, funnily enough, the only stuff that's gone were things for #4. Is it that dangerous? Or do these guys find it amusing?

Anyway, another thing that's happenned recently goes thus: a co-worker walked up to me during my break, we had a fun talk and he just fell silent mid-sentence, making a furious face. I knew him to be the kind of guy to do this jokingly, so I smiled at him. He smiled back, then he made the angry face again and clocked me in the face and started spouting gibberish.

I lost a friend that day.

At least he didn't cause any lasting injury.

Adrian has recounted a similar occurrence at his job.

We need to move faster.


  1. as I understand it, you can buy seltzer bottles at joke shops here in the states. You want me to ship you one, or maybe a squirting flower?

  2. haven't you figured it out?

    It's Adrian, Pied Jester