Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That's not funny.

It just isn't. People died, went insane, disappeared who-knows-where. Friends and family turned on each other, and some of us have nightmares that would keep even the most emotionally numb awake at night.

Sorry for no lenghty, multi-post establishing of character or reader sympathy. I've never had the hand to write a blog, and I'm going to do some things that people are gonna hate me for.

Especially You, M. You're going to hate my guts for this, but it's as much my battle as yours now.

I'm not running yet, no way.

If my pursuer manages to devour me, then I hope I can at least help those of you, who will keep on running.

Stay safe, guys.


  1. KeEp On TrUcKiNg ThErE. oNe ThInG tHoUgH....rUnNiNg DoSn'T hElP.

  2. Anonymous, If we assume you're being followed and writing in code, you just said, "KEOTUKNTEENTIGHUHUNNDSTEP."
    Clearly sage advice.